Opinion PP and Gent de Dénia: "Maximum concern about the annulment of the NUT"

February 10 from 2022 - 11: 37

Regarding the recently appeared news about the declaration of the nullity of the NUT of Dénia, the spokespersons for the Popular Party and Gent de Dénia have met to discuss this situation and have drawn these conclusions:

1.- Despite the declaration of the nullity of the NUT of Dénia by the TSJ, these are still in force since the sentence has not yet become final.

2.-The Ministry is studying the issue, and it seems that it is going to appeal this decision of the TSJ. You have 30 days to do so.

However, the reading of the sentence has caused us some surprise, especially the paragraph of the second point when the Chamber asks the parties to make the allegations they deem appropriate and the Dénia City Council "submits a letter requesting the nullity of the NUT ”.

This paragraph is very curious because it would mean that this Chamber would protect the procedural fraud in which the Dénia City Council would be incurring, because it implies that the Consistory itself is requesting the declaration of transitory regulations that it has drafted (although they have been approved and endorsed by the Ministry), admitting in this way that the work carried out in the drafting of said regulations was not correct and adequate.

In the same way, the councilor for the territory, in the statement they sent yesterday, declares that this resolution has not surprised the government team since the City Council itself filed a lawsuit against the Generalitat on the understanding that these regulations invade municipal powers .

Is it that there is no communication between members of the same party, even if they are in different administrations?

On the other hand, the position of the City Council seems very relaxed, in fact, it has left the decision to appeal this sentence in the hands of the Ministry, as María Josep Ripoll has rightly declared, an issue that is not so light because, if the Ministry decides not to appeal , Dénia is left without planning and without any type of urban regulations that govern it. Is it such a trivial topic for them to be so relaxed? Or is it that they are convinced that the PGE is going to be approved in a short period of time? Is this sentence perhaps the prelude to what is going to happen with the PGE that has not yet been approved?

The opposition groups referenced at the beginning of the text consider that this issue is of great importance for Dénia, especially when they are aware that there are more than 10 demands still on the same issue to be resolved. For this reason, even being aware that the Ministry seems to be going to appeal this sentence and being convinced that it will be so, they do not understand the tranquility of the government team that can see how, if this decision is not appealed, Dénia can be left without any of urban regulation applicable for a long time, with all that this entails.

In the same way, another question arises that worries them, and a lot. If there are more than 10 lawsuits filed by the NUT, transitory regime, how many more can there be after the approval of the PGE? Neither the calm attitude of the City Council nor that of the Conselleria suppose for the signatory spokespersons any type of legal guarantee on the long life that the PGE may have.

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