Gent of Dénia

PP, Cs and Gent de Dénia claim the role of the Valencian in the act of the 9 d'Octubre

PP, Cs and Gent de Dénia claim the role of the Valencian in the act of the 9 d'Octubre

Popular Party, Citizens Dénia and Gent de Dénia have joined in the early hours of this afternoon to perform their own act for the Valencian Day. It has been carried out in the Social Center in front of dozens of attendees. Mario Vidal, spokesman for Gent de Dénia After reading the articles first,...

Gent de Dénia proposes a roundabout to end the black dot

This morning, the Gent de Dénia party has presented at its headquarters the urgent proposal that will take to the plenary next Thursday. This is the installation of a roundabout in the so-called "black point" of Dénia. Press conference of Gent de Dénia The Dianense party has presented this project already claimed with...

The opposition joins to demand more transparency from the government on the PGE

This noon, Gent de Dénia, Popular Dénia and Ciudadanos Dénia have summoned the media to make a joint declaration of rejection of the lack of transparency of the City Council regarding the General Structural Plan. They have announced that tomorrow, Tuesday, they will make a written claim to the Ministry of Territory for this purpose, the...

Opinion Mario Vidal (Gent of Dénia): «Hide documentation?»

That has been the general tone of the Department of Urban Planning and Territory. Remember that since the 1 minute of creating the Consell d'urbanisme for the elaboration of the PGE, they already come with "preconceived ideas", elaborated and allow little room for maneuver and suggestions, this is followed by the Convocatorias of said Consells, which had been stipulated...

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