The FEMMICC already has a new president for the next 2 years

The Federation of Moors and Christians of Dénia last night decided who would be their new president for the next 2 years. All without surprises, because there was only one nomination submitted, that of Jaime Ferrer Santamaría, and, as expected, this was the winner. Rafa Cheli passes the witness to Jimmy Ferrer La...

The West Fault starts the countdown to failures with Mig Any

Last Saturday, October 5, the West Falla commission met in the Valgamedios Square to celebrate its traditional Mig Any that marks the beginning of the countdown towards the most awaited days by the faller commissions. The West Falla celebrates its Mig Any Commission started the party for the...

Falla Centro: history, first monuments and commissions

La Falla Centro presides over the heart of Dénia with one of the founding commissions of the city's festivals. Each year is among the favorites to win the prizes, so it was not surprising that it was included in the Special Section when they divided the Fallas into two categories. Emblem Fail...

Port Rotes fault: photographs, history, charges and location

After a first participation as Puerto-Rotas, Port Rotes was born as such in the 76 as the monument overlooking the Dianense port that we know today. Shield of the Port Rotes Fault [index_content] History Although he planted his first monumet in the year 1958 under the name of Puerto-Rotas, it was not until the year...

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