Dénia reverses beach cleaning by forgetting to include the algae treatment plant in the tender

01 March 2024 - 12: 11

The plenary session of the Dénia City Council agreed yesterday in an ordinary session to suspend and annul the contracting file for the Cleaning and Maintenance Service of beaches until the construction project of the planned algae treatment plant is incorporated.

The bidding file was approved by a majority in the extraordinary and urgent plenary session held on January 15, 2024, with a contract amount of 11.585.578 euros and a duration of 10 years. The main provision of the contract is the beach cleaning service and includes, as a novelty, the construction of the algae treatment plant, as stated in the technical specifications.

The file was published on the State Contracting Platform and the deadline for submitting proposals began, which ended on February 15.

«However, a review of the documentation in the file has led to the detection of an error of omission, given that the technical specifications do not include the project for the execution of the works of the aforementioned treatment plant, mandatory when the actions exceed 500.000 euros, as established by the Public Sector Contracts Law," indicated the Councilor for Beaches, Pepe Doménech.

For this reason, the City Council has had to decree the suspension of the file until it incorporates the construction project of the algae plant, the drafting of which has already been commissioned by the City Council. Once this project is included, the contracting process will be reactivated again and the period for submitting offers will begin.

The point was approved by majority with the favorable votes of PSPV, Compromís, PP y Gent of Dénia and the abstention of Vox.

Error in the ordinance of the urban use registry

Another point addressed in the session was to consider the ex officio review of the ordinance regulating the registration of urban use reserves and urban use transfers when an error was detected in its processing. As explained by the Territory councillor, Maria Josep Ripoll, the ordinance was published in the Official Gazette of the Province before the three allegations presented during its public exhibition period were answered. Now, this circumstance is corrected with the ex officio review of the ordinance, which was approved with the favorable votes of PSPV, Compromís and Partido Popular, the vote against by Vox and the abstention of Gent de Dénia.

  1. Luis says:

    Are you sure they have forgotten? It's hard to believe that it is an "oblivion."

  2. Marili buch says:

    Nothing works in Denia

  3. Francesc Bonet Caselles says:

    Bumblers and freeloaders.

  4. Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

    And….., meanwhile the beaches are not cleaned?

  5. Alfred says:

    Incompetent, that's the correct term.