EUPV proposes a productive model to fight against a «Dénia de camareros»

EUPV proposes a productive model to fight against a «Dénia de camareros»

Esquerra Unida del Pais Valencià has announced its proposals for a productive model for Dénia, "a productive model opposed to the one proposed by the right", betting on feminism, environmentalism and the social economy. From EUPV they denounce that the right proposes «sun, beach, speculation, precarious work, in short, a Dénia of waiters», while they...

Esquerra Unida elects its new coordinator and regional political council

Last Saturday, 27, in February, the district collective of Esquerra unida celebrated the county assembly in which the new regional political council was elected unanimously. This new council is made up of five people "who combine youth with experience and that contains both genders," according to the group....

US Deputy Marina Albiol will be in Dénia to discuss the TTIP

Friday 13 November Esquerra Unida del País Valencià in Dénia has organized a conference of the Transatlantic Partnership on Trade and Investment (TTIP), which aims to relaunch the exchange of goods, services and investment between the United States and the European Union. In the conference will participate the deputy Marina Albiol; Secretary General...

Putting up posters marks the beginning of the election campaign

Already he arrived. The election campaign has already begun, and has done so strongly in Dénia. At twelve o'clock, parties who opt for mayor of the city began papering the city streets with posters of their candidates and candidates for the regional. Point...

EU wants to relocate the Llebeig and eliminate barracks Raquel Payà

The candidacy Acord Ciutadà, which brings together EU-ERC-Els Verds and Guanyem Dénia, should they win the local elections in May, wants to end the barracks of the Special Education Center Raquel Payà and build a new school Llebeig area Rounds, across the Castle. It also proposes that the current...

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