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Alucardona PVC y Aluminios, SL

Alucardona PVC y Aluminios, SL

You know how to make your home more sustainable while maintaining heat and saving energy? In Alucardona PVC y Aluminios, SL we know well. We specialize in the manufacture of aluminum frames and PVC. 25 years of experience guarantee our work. In Alucardona innovation it is one of our basic pillars applied to our enclosures


Vimaluz Lighting was founded in 1972. Since then it has been evolving and adapting to new fashion trends. The Vimaluz big brand have joined both Spanish and foreign brands. Currently, Vimaluz, has a team of professionals, designed to help customers improve performance and spending

Appliances Pineda

Wherever you are, is Pineda. Because Pineda grows to make things easier! And now, in addition to its two stores in Denia and Moraira space, Pineda is also in Ondara, near the Portal de la Marina Shopping Center. Ample space you'll find small and large appliances, televisions,

glassware Dénia

Glassware in Dénia we are professionals of all kinds of glass. Come to us to fix a window, repair any mirror, door, table ... We work glazing in general, glass chamber, safety, tempered glass, pisables crystals ... We offer all kinds of decoration on glass: stained glass windows, Tifany, Fusing ... Veneers bathroom, kitchen, walls, railing ... all in


If you are looking for professionalism and seriousness in the aluminum in your home, do not hesitate to visit Aluvent. In Aluvent they know perfectly fitting aluminum and PVC over 10 years working in the sector. In addition, we specialize in the installation of Schüco systems. Your peace of mind is the aim of

Ok Sofas

I'm like ... I'm comfortable ... I'm enjoying relaxed ... I'm ... I'm ... OK! OK sofas, dedicated to the manufacture and sale of sofas and relaxing with a wide variety of high quality products. We are known for the facility to fully customize your couch. You choose the fabric you choose the color and measures, a sofa completely

Marina Cuines

Marina Cuines, as experts in carpentry. Marina Cuines have own workshop, which manufactured kitchens of all styles, interior doors, security doors, bathroom furniture, cabinets or laminated flooring placement. In addition, they work with the best brands and care to detail the installation of all


Ibrolux is specialized in the assembly and repair of electrical installations company. Ibrolux has over 20 years of experience in the industry and offers a wide range of services. Supply installations in low and medium voltage transformation centers, repair and maintenance of installations in industrial buildings, street lighting, local


ExpoDeco, the exhibition of architecture, interior design, decoration and construction, will take place the 30 and 31 of January of 2019. As a visitor, you can find out about all the latest trends and trends in design, architecture and decoration. You will enjoy an ideal environment for the inspiration you need with the best professionals, who will give you the best advice. As


Gesdenia has formed a team of dedicated management professionals, management and maintenance of urban properties whose work philosophy based on proximity and customer service addresses the needs we arise from the premise of quality management. That is why, we understand that our company

Denia supplies

Dénia Sanexabia Provisions and Supplies, sale and distribution of materials for professionals. At their centers have the leading brands in the sector and all materials necessary irrigation and pool installation and assembly materials for sanitation, plumbing fixtures, air conditioners, boilers and radiators, water softeners, osmosis. Visit them at Partida

furniture Martínez

Furniture Martínez, from 1919 offering the best furniture. With its constant evolution, Furniture Martinez has become a trade with more than 5.000m2 exposure for you to discover the ideal furniture to suit you. You will find an excellent service tailored to your needs and requirements. All facilities are completely renovated. Divided by

Mandarina florist

"You can only know the true meaning of life when you love a flower" Pepe Simo, 1985 in the heart of Denia is one of the oldest and most charming florists city: Florist Mandarina. Florist in Mandarina we offer daily fresh flowers, prepare bouquets for all occasions

Baby Shop

Baby Shop, the shop where you'll find everything you need for your baby. In Baby Shop you will find furniture for your baby's room, a variety of clothes to choose toys for younger, newer models carts, buggies or Strokke brands such as Bugaboo and all kinds of accessories

Marcial Montenegro

Marcial enters Montenegro. textile and discover the warm interior and design excluivos we have to dress your home. Nordic feather, the Duo microfibre duvets and bedspreads and comforters comfortable. Sofa blankets, rugs, pillows, decor ... everything to give the best atmosphere to your home. Visit our area outlet with

Advisora ​​group

In Advisora ​​Group you will find great professionals that provide property management services, insurance, data protection and Consulting and Management. In its property management service you will find: buildings, housing developments and associations, energy efficiency, cost management and financial, technical and legal, accounting and management of defaulters, records and receipts. The

Don Mattress

Don Mattress We are specialists in break from 1999. With our shops Javea and Denia, we advise you to have the best rest. exclusive distributor of the best brands and materials and, of course, the best value. Search on our website monthly promotions. In addition, all advantages: free shuttle service to all Spain


Maybe your house is worth, and we know how to offer it: Housit. Furniture, accessories, decoration and rest in Housit where you can furnish your whole house with a fantastic value. In Housit we have a line of contemporary insurance products that suit your tastes and needs. Visit our showroom or see our catalogs

Heat Naymo

Naymo Heat, your store fireplaces in Dénia from 25 years. Heat in Naymo will find personalized attention and a lot of experience of its professionals that provide best fireplaces that suit your tastes and needs. They feature wood-burning fireplaces and coal with amazing quality that will provide the necessary heat

Leroy Merlin Compact Ondara

Leroy Merlin, give life to your ideas. Leroy Merlin Ondara is a store focused on the personalization of ideas and projects. The store has a commercial area of ​​more than 3.100 m2 and will operate under the COMPACT concept that offers a selection of products that will make shopping more comfortable, as well as a service

Easy cook

What he began in 1982 as a small shop selling professional has been transformed over 30 years later in a company that sells annually more than 2000 made kitchens, designed and assembled mostly by the company itself. The 90% of its products are constantly in stock, enabling them

Safe storage

Safe storage room has the most modern storage facilities. You will find a wide variety of boxes of different sizes, which you can access throughout the day with a security card. Your objects will be stored safely, since they have high security systems with a warning connection to the


Natura Garden

Natura Garden

Natura Garden, your garden center. With 25 years of experience and more than 10.000m2 exposure, we design your garden as the best professionals at your disposal. Seasonal plants, indoor plants, artificial flower, decorative items, tools, decorative ceramics, pots, seeds, fertilizers and more. In the section of



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