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Sweepstakes regulations

Duration: Drawings will start on Mondays and Wednesdays, lasting three days. In the case of a special express draw, it will start and end on the same day.

How to participate: the person should like to "like" and comment on any of our lottery publications on facebook.

Award Winning: Winners of the draw must contact the company within 15 days and collect their prize personally, or send to a duly authorized person. There will be no shipments of any item drawn.

Selection of winners: the winners will be chosen in a completely random way made by the web augeweb.com/azar/ or similar.


Dénia tradition - Friday February 23

  • Puri Nieto

Mandarina florist - Wednesday, February 14

  • Ana Rodríguez Navarro

Irony Bar - Wednesday, February 14

  • Patricia Cardona Lorente

CFL Consultants - Monday, 12 for February

  • @seelinaa_s

Clinical Podiatric Estévez - Monday, 12 for February

  • Carme modol

Savi by Arrital - Friday February 2

  • Marta Vives Ramon


Montague - Friday January 26

  • Maria Llobell (@llb.maria)

the Mosset - Friday January 19

  • Pablo Viso Sendra

Teckmar gas station - Wednesday, January 17

  • Ramon Santacreu Merenciano
  • Fernando Ginés Sendra Belchí
  • María Vicenta Ivars
  • Avelina González Giménez
  • Maite Parres Noguera
  • Antonia Fornes Gadea
  • Carlos Crespos Ramon
  • Alfredo Ripoll
  • Miguel Mas Castilian
  • Carmen Molina Sánchez (@carmenmolain)
  • Alba Herreros (@albaaherreross)
  • Delia Sáez Andrés (delieta85)
  • Patri Gayá Díaz (@patrigayadiaz)
  • Romi Centurión (@romicentu64)
  • Alba Lozano (@albalozano)

nanomobile - Friday January 12

  • Yolanda Bueno Manzano

Alex Morales Sports Studio - Wednesday, January 10

  • Vicen Pastor Albi
  • Belén Fernández Bernardo

Cyber ​​Arena - Friday January 5

  • Pepi Ribes Cuello

Jewelers Montenegro - Friday January 5

  • Irina Ioana