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Discussion and Comments

Francisco RocamoraThe September 14, 2019 to 09: 05
I am interested price of chale in Troy
MercedesThe September 13, 2019 to 17: 29
I need a closet for the gallery of 2 meters wide x 55 deep and 180 high. To organize things cleaning products tools shoes broom etc ... Preferred material aluminum or similar that can get wet outside.
REBECA CASTILLOThe September 13, 2019 to 17: 17
LuisThe September 13, 2019 to 13: 47
Now they want to make us believe that getting an official position in the town hall depends on the studies and knowledge of each one? The Squares are awarded by finger depending on who your family is. The Valencian is not true either because there is no regulated teaching in Valencian, but in Catalan. This is Valencia enough to play what I do not know is and everything to try to implement here the same system of grants with the excuse of language as is done in Catalonia. And all this to continue placing the finger to them but this time with the fullest pockets.
TatianaThe September 12, 2019 to 14: 54
Hello I am interested for long season Thanks greetings
María IbarsThe September 12, 2019 to 09: 42
Puigdemon's friends already govern the Dianenses.
María IbarsThe September 12, 2019 to 09: 41
The friends of Puigdemont already govern the Dianenses.
clinical CastelblanqueThe September 11, 2019 to 15: 31
Hi, could you please call us at 96 642 15 49 Thank's :)
LindaThe September 11, 2019 to 13: 57
Hi how much is Botox? por favor .
Jaime Alberto CuartasThe September 11, 2019 to 12: 57
Hello, good morning, I would like to know how much I would be charged for centering the wheels of my bicycle. It is a mountain bike, a basic model that I need to center the wheels adjusting the spokes
Yolanda tellaecheThe September 10, 2019 to 20: 16
There are many deficiencies in the infrastructure endowments of the beaches, there are no showers, the foot washers are rusty, some do not work, few garbage containers, no solution so that the cigarette butts are not thrown into the sand, dunes and pine trees Raset tip as a garbage dump and WC for all, of course without garbage containers, entrance to the portet a part with sidewalk and another of land .... Marine road without sidewalks and some areas without any vicarious infrastructure, “only for cars ”, all the urbanizations will have paid their habitability taxes and the annual IBI but they do not receive the minimum services, something does not work in DENIA
The k do not forgiveThe September 10, 2019 to 13: 15
Paco seems to be essential k will happen when he was injured I do not understand, thank goodness it was Denia k is not in his best moments I think Paco must play in his place and if not the bench like the others
SuzanneThe September 09, 2019 to 19: 42
Yes, you have a reduced fee. If you want send us an email to or call us at 966426655 and we will inform you.
Ortiz GerardThe September 09, 2019 to 19: 11
Je soign me to the capital of Bayonne pour la dialyse je viens souvent a calpe who stains me if je viens pouvez vous will take me pour mon traitement de dialyse Merci pour votre aide
GillThe September 09, 2019 to 13: 06
Hello Please can you forward your times for adult ballet. Thank you
JUANJO CANDELAThe September 09, 2019 to 11: 05
Ok, send us your information to and we will send you a price and if we have any questions we will call you
Ramon AngresolaThe September 08, 2019 to 11: 17
Where can I buy the anticipated tickets to the concerts?
MirandaThe September 08, 2019 to 08: 58
Better speak little Valencian, and serve for the position to exercise. I will learn it
MirandaThe September 08, 2019 to 08: 56
Great idiocy, and very exclusive. If this is the case, for example, of a very valid person for the position, who is presented to the mayor, for example, and comes from Belgium or Germany, and only speaks Spanish, then welcome.
Raul FloresThe September 07, 2019 to 18: 02
Good afternoon. I would like to get a budget for about 45 meters of white pvc fence, the typical American, with 2 double vehicle doors and a simple pedestrian door. It would also include posts and transport to Seville. Thank you very much and best regards.
EmiliaThe September 06, 2019 to 11: 04
They could have the beaches more clean and well cared for, in les Bombetes horror. A lot of tax payments but cleaning and care but patatero. The cleaning, recycling and garbage service cannot be worse. Espabilar you have a lot of face
María Teresa León Sotelo AmatThe September 05, 2019 to 11: 03
Are there offers for retirees?
PROVOST michelThe September 03, 2019 to 23: 34
Please prix d'un store banne pour camping car FIAMA F 45 S. 4 METERS. AVEC LA POSE
SantiagoThe September 02, 2019 to 23: 55
Do you work with power plate machines in a group? I could put you in touch with me if so? s_gestal@hormail.con
PatriciaThe September 02, 2019 to 10: 18
Good Morning. This apartment is not available. You can enter our website and see what is currently available. The website is: Greetings.
martaThe September 01, 2019 to 19: 09
Nothing to do with seaweed with poop and what is the water is !! CACA !!
CarolineThe September 01, 2019 to 17: 30
Hello, I want to come to your store, you can tell me when you open and when you are there. Thank you.
martaThe August 31, 2019 to 21: 32
The microbiological parameters of poop have nothing to do with algae. that's another story ... jijiji..jijiji
EstherThe August 31, 2019 to 17: 53
We have eaten today and have been great, great food. The very attentive service and the best Maria José, who has guided us very well on the menu item and especially for me that being celiac has had many details with me. The restaurant with a lovely landscape. We repeat for sure.
PuffffThe August 31, 2019 to 16: 37
Now we must demand the level of knowledge of Spanish too? A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 in Spanish. Laughing Or better Geometry? Or is it not worth having studied the regulated subjects of the Valencian Community? The courses taken by officials will not be worth either. You have to pay for it yourself, very socialist.
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