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I xeloThe May 23, 2019 to 10: 56
Near the castle, nothing should be built ... It is a historical monument and I believe that its surroundings should be protected. Also aesthetically, it would be an outrage that we would stay there, forever. Please, do not touch the surroundings of the castle !!
Natividad Moreno MartínezThe May 23, 2019 to 08: 50
My maximum gratitude to all the professionals of this hospital and especially to the 3.b, who during 7 months have helped my brother in his daily struggle to try to recover his day to day. We are already at home, he continues with his process of hard rehabilitation in another phase outside La Pedrera and as incredible as it sounds he misses you, so many days there is a bond that I believe will last in time and thanks to you , he came out seeing the light after his damn illness. I have had the great good fortune of being able to meet almost everyone and being able to accompany my brother for many days during 24 hours, your great professionalism, dedication and good work to the patient, who once arrives there is in your hands. Thank you, a thousand thanks to SAIP that also whenever I have come to them, they have received me with a smile, I owe you a visit, I do not forget, I hope to visit you soon and have a coffee quietly. A huge hug. Congratulations team. !!!
BerndThe May 22, 2019 to 13: 24
How can I make an appointment To get me The green leaf For the foreigners of the European Union? And that they need papers and prices. Thank you
faustino pinach renovellThe May 22, 2019 to 12: 45
Hi. I understand that you have to take the bottle and the device to make them with gas. There is no possibility of doing it to firewood, taking the wood and an iron for the floor, iron? Could someone from the crowd answer this?
JOSE LUIS HERNAN-PEREZThe May 22, 2019 to 09: 26
TomasThe May 22, 2019 to 01: 04
Hi can you tell me how much you have vodka 70cl price
BABYLONThe May 21, 2019 to 17: 00
Hello, in July if we have but still do not have the schedules. Send an email to
leonThe May 21, 2019 to 08: 31
It was a terrible mistake not to have included the sinister Ondara street in the video; place forgotten by the political powers and assumed by its inhabitants DENIA is life! Although without lighting and cleaning
UNDERThe May 20, 2019 to 16: 31
Interesting proposals for a municipality like Denia, I even like the order when exposing them.
OlgaThe May 20, 2019 to 15: 35
Hello good afternoon ! I'll be spending a month in Denia from the July 29 on vacation. I would like to know if you do flamenco classes in summer? Sincerely, Olga Pedrosa
StarThe May 20, 2019 to 12: 55
I want to enter the draw
DorisThe May 18, 2019 to 21: 23
Anfrage: bieten Sie das HUndetraining in deutscher oder englischer Sprache an, oder ist der Unterricht in Spanisch ?? Ich suche nach kursen für besuchs- oder Therapiehundausbildung. Haben Sie das im Angebot? Wann? wie lange? kosten? Nach welcher Methode arbeiten Sie mit Hund und Mensch ?? dh Wo sind Ihre Trainer ausgebildet? zu uns: ein Königspudelmaedel, fast 1 Jahr alt, witzig, schlau, selbstbewusst, frech, quicklebendig, sehr vertraeglich, liebt Hunde, Kinder. und ich, eine Frau in den besten Jahren, unsportlich, Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie, nicht mehr berufstätig, in Spanien lebend.
DaniThe May 18, 2019 to 19: 59
The worst has been that the street was closed to traffic and firefighters have had problems accessing the site if they continue to pedestrianize streets at the end the firefighters will have to come by air. The fault is the current municipal corporation that seems to be more important to make a nice street to look for people.
DaniThe May 18, 2019 to 19: 42
The worst has been the difficulty that firefighters have had to access the place since the street is pedestrian and was closed to traffic in fact there is a block at the entrance of this street that inpides the entrance even of cars what is I have seen it myself and I have seen that they have had to COLLECT THE HOSE to be able to put out the fire the truth THIS IS A LITTLE SHAME here does not look for anybody I hope that this is corrected at least by the people who do not owe anything
Carlos Sanchez MartinThe May 17, 2019 to 08: 56
I find it very interesting.
Celia MarínThe May 16, 2019 to 16: 45
Modified, thanks for notifying! ;)
JudithThe May 16, 2019 to 16: 27
You lack a presentation!
PaolaThe May 16, 2019 to 14: 36
To win it luck! 🍀
José to GarcíaThe May 16, 2019 to 13: 04
I always rest there, it would come to me in luxury
emili vaniliThe May 15, 2019 to 20: 12
Approached I am, what a speaker, listen. Spain deserves a leader like this macho man. Lower taxes and attract investments, how has it never occurred to you before? And how do we correct the money that does not come in by lowering the collection? Vivaspaña And how do you plan to attract investments? Foreign or only Spanish? Vivaspaña! Does not it bother you that the interview was done by a woman with the things that are to be scrubbed? Ribaspaña !!!
MargheritaThe May 15, 2019 to 11: 04
CORRECTION PLEASE !! the sidewalks - NO - the steels! Thank you!
MargheritaThe May 15, 2019 to 10: 55
The PP project to transform the Passeig Saladar is crazy! It is not possible to do it without destroying all the palms - lungs of the city - and the surrounding infrastructure, and also a place of tranquility for many people. Where is the environmental awareness of these people, especially in our world today! If they want to spend money, they must clean the existing steels and keep the archaeological site in front of the building number 5, Avenida Joan Fuster, which is in a sorry state! Thank you.
Solatube LevanteThe May 15, 2019 to 09: 50
Buenos dias. We do cover Algorfa. Can you please send us an e-mail to with your contact details, the adress of your house and the room you want to brighten up with Solatube so we can make you an quotation. Kind regards, Solatube Levante.
VinceThe May 14, 2019 to 16: 02
I can phone me on 606300316
DoraThe May 14, 2019 to 15: 29
Someone should take measures for the problem that is causing land dumping in the dur part of the avenue joan fuster, and that the strong wind is raising a large dust that affects drivers, neighbors nearby floors and shops
Sebastián Martí RodríguezThe May 14, 2019 to 14: 07
Do you know which company is the one that will exploit this service?
genovevaThe May 14, 2019 to 12: 32
Beautiful . In all the senses happy caskets for the sight of the infirm. A way to value the creativity of these children.
chrisThe May 12, 2019 to 18: 55
Do you cover algorfa 03169. I would like to know how much these cost. Por favor.
faustino pinach renovellThe May 10, 2019 to 13: 35
Btardes. I am interested in requesting a plot of the urban garden but I can not find where to do it. Agenda 21 Local of Denia which is exactly? some section of the municipality of Denia? Can someone tell me where to find this information, where to register, etc? Thanks and best regards
RoshitaThe May 10, 2019 to 08: 15
A beautiful place, the illusion that I was going to make my David go
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