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Discussion and Comments

Patricia morganThe March 25, 2019 to 19: 28
How do I get an appointment with Dr. Franco
JosepThe March 25, 2019 to 18: 53
Good job of the police, collaborating with international authorities
Janet RichardsonThe March 25, 2019 to 11: 10
Super way to frame pictures - will be interesting to see those taken at this location over the coming seasons.
MercedesThe March 23, 2019 to 19: 11
He looked for an economic apartment of one or two bedrooms for the month of May, for a retired couple, and very very careful, and that is as economical as possible. Thank you.
MercedesThe March 23, 2019 to 15: 40
See cataract surgery reports
PAULAThe March 22, 2019 to 13: 26
Esther TorresThe March 22, 2019 to 13: 09
I call the phones of all the courts for an urgent matter and none works. Either they have them hanged during work time or they are all wrong.
sue nardouThe March 20, 2019 to 21: 28
When we say in favor of Adima. It's because all sales will go to Adima's favor. If not, the word in favor is misused. I hope it is like that already.
CarlosThe March 20, 2019 to 02: 15
I found a kitten on the way home, she stayed away from home but now I have her with me. I think he has his first zeal. I would like to sterilize it but I do not have money. Where can I take her to the sterilization campaign in Denia? Well I have no idea .
lauraThe March 19, 2019 to 22: 39
Hello, I would be interested in leaving my CV I am a child educator A cordial greeting.
EricaThe March 19, 2019 to 12: 01
I echo Jean: we need to know please where the first one burns. A plan of the creams, detailed by hour, would not be too much. Thank you.
MARIA ASUNCIONThe March 19, 2019 to 00: 29
I need to know the address. My daughter has been two years in kayak classes.
Olga RamírezThe March 18, 2019 to 17: 46
I like this hardware store 2 coloma, because when I need something for me home I think I have everything, the attention is very good.
Celia MarínThe March 17, 2019 to 19: 38
Good afternoon, José Juan Ribes. The schedules of the mascletaes that fire in the fallas commissions depend on them. From dé there is obviously no intention to "cheat" people, since it is something alien to us. However, it should be remembered that in the case of the March 19 the schedules are subject to the duration of the offering and subsequent celebration in the church of San Antonio. A greeting.
Celia MarínThe March 17, 2019 to 19: 36
Hello 'I Flipo' apologize for the error, the name of the artist had not arrived. We have already corrected it. a greeting
I flipoThe March 17, 2019 to 14: 11
Camp Roig the artist is Toni Sansano that you forget things that happen
jose juan ribesThe March 16, 2019 to 20: 41
why do you cheat people ???? the 19 schedule of March of the mascletaes ...... the commissions are spent by the band of the lining, there is no one to regulate this or sanction the districts of the IMPUNTUAL THAT SÓN !!!!!!!! There have been years that the 15: 30 have not yet turned it on ... a little bit of respect about the schedules would not be bad.
Daniel et MoniqurThe March 16, 2019 to 20: 32
Nous venons d'acquerIr unites you chez Pépé Cabrera (the portrait of Ruben) nous avons découvert in 2016 et qui nous a beaucoup touchés the ressemblance avec notre fils est troublante. Pouvez vous nous traduire in français la pensée that vous avez ajoutée dans le fond du tableau? Nous sommes ravis de cette acquisition et vous en remercions vivement.
LoamThe March 15, 2019 to 21: 48
I love it, it was about time that there was an area how it is in Denia, bravo for the people who have achieved it.
PaulThe March 14, 2019 to 00: 42
No surprise dankol tires juice better, frame and took the three points. Just winner of the match,
JasmineThe March 10, 2019 to 19: 02
Hello a question if for example I have arrhythmia (Bradycardia), can you enter the clinic or not? How long does the treatment last? The next day can you go to the institute?
Marina FemeniaThe March 09, 2019 to 18: 16
I hope that the deputation publishes the subsidies that hundreds of associations of extreme left receive with the excuse of equality. These associations are tarnishing and trivializing the real needs of women and also stealing our money. They have 2 months left Fortunately.
Bill jervisThe March 09, 2019 to 13: 25
If you look at other towns where there are successfully run beach bars they have been able to invest in their businesses due to the length of the contracts - their financial planning is that they are able to recoup investments over multiple years. Hence the quality and attention to service / detail is higher. Denia's method seems foolhardy and results in the state we find ourselves in today!
Maite León Sotelo AmatThe March 08, 2019 to 14: 30
I join you.
Jose LuisThe March 08, 2019 to 12: 00
It is already well of so much roll, instead of so much manifestation, and of so much publicity (that is what the abusers look for it), when there are wage differences, it is because the production is smaller, (the company is not stupid), as for important positions, there are many women in k direct companies of much importance.
Lisa luippoldThe March 08, 2019 to 08: 44
People who are not very familiar with these buildings do not need street location
MirandaThe March 07, 2019 to 18: 56
I think you have not understood anything. What is involved, regardless of who is in the municipal corporation, is that they do not opt ​​for the concession (of this, or whatever it is) only "Pepe" and "Juan", as if they were different 2 companies. When they are actually associated, and so they would win if or yes. Without cheating, you have to leave room for anyone who wants to.
Lucia PeiroThe March 07, 2019 to 14: 57
Is the treatment very expensive? They have spoken to me very well about him, and I would like to try. Thank you
Ruth Nicole Bas InglésThe March 07, 2019 to 10: 32
Hi, I just found this ad, now you have activities?
VICENTETEThe March 07, 2019 to 00: 52
Totally dissatisfied New companies have no experience. In the Marineta they open when they want to close when they feel like it. Umbrellas fly, endangering customers. Hot drinks ... A disaster .. but the consistory congratulates itself for not being that administrative bullshit. Luckily they have 2 months left.
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