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Discussion and Comments

EnricThe January 17, 2019 to 20: 06
Look how good, with these 230.000 euros we can cover the hole of the Bus Station (PROVISIONAL).
LeonThe January 17, 2019 to 10: 43
I mentrestant els veins of carrer Ondara and bottle printing will access als seus domicilis utilitzant llanternes per no tindre enllumenat carrer Ondara.
Denia4EverThe January 16, 2019 to 10: 37
First the Dénia Futsal and now the Dénia CD. Here there is something that does not work, and not precisely in the sports field, in a team that is second in the classification. Courage to those players, you are in your right to protest, and to collect what you owe. Unfortunately, this is our daily bread in amateur football, every year there are cases like that. The Dénia CD was presented as an ambitious project in the sport and economics, which seems good, though, as long as there is a financial balance. It is not acceptable that players have payment problems, and even more in the middle of the season. The one who pays, rest. But the one who charges, more. As a Dénia fan, I prefer to see an economically healthy club in the lower half of the table, a club up with payment problems, because at one time or another it will explode and the end can be catastrophic (see the missing Denia Futsal, who now , refounded in the CFS Mar Dénia, devastates with good players and good management). I do not know the salaries of the players, or the bonuses or bonuses that they have, and what an eye, they must pay them up to the last cent, but I think they can be higher than normal, causing a deficit in the economic balance. If you can not sign better players because they charge more, they do not sign. If a player does not accept a renewal because he is not offered enough money and there is no more, it is not renewed. If you can not give more money for victory, goals or unbeaten goal, it is not given. If you can not count on a bus, and it is cheaper to rent vans, then you will go with a van. The first and foremost is that players, coaches and club employees charge. The Dénia is not Barça or Madrid, they will not look at the results with a magnifying glass. There will be fans who want the Dénia to play the Champions League, go back to Segunda B, be in the Third Division or the same as the division, but if the club maintains its identity, it is financially sound, and the quarry is used, the results they will give equal, absolutely nothing will be reproached to the Presidency and the Board of Directors. Gentlemen, get excited, the CD Dénia is injured but we do not want him to die.
BecThe January 15, 2019 to 21: 22
What are the dates of the season? We arrived in Denia in February and we would like our children from 4 and 5 years to do many of these sports. Can we register online?
NoeliaThe January 14, 2019 to 19: 08
I have a question the snack you can take it or not and the prices more or less how much are
Lola NavarroThe January 14, 2019 to 16: 42
A beautiful concert in its entirety, especially Marina Fita has a voice potential with a great future. Congratulations to all.
Dra.Flores de ApodacaThe January 14, 2019 to 15: 10
Good afternoon! The single neck lift is between the 1500-2000 euros depends on the treatment required. If you want an appointment for valuation, you can contact us. Thank you!!
EustaquioThe January 14, 2019 to 14: 42
Is it possible to buy tickets online?
RAMON GRIMALT MARSALThe January 14, 2019 to 13: 54
Hello, sorry for the delay, if we have the Som.mits brand. A greeting.
DavidThe January 14, 2019 to 07: 54
They were invented in the eighties by a Zaragoza and patented
SuzanneThe January 13, 2019 to 17: 10
Hello,!! For the Jane Matrix car you have covers and for the top?
blackberryThe January 12, 2019 to 15: 32
Is that the preferred would have to do with local players and not from outside
LuisThe January 12, 2019 to 10: 09
It is good that they denounce it, that if ... when they are in opposition. When the PP was also not that the system was different. But of course, something has to be said.
WilliamThe January 12, 2019 to 09: 39
There is no soap in the gents' toilets No soap in men's toilets
Jose LuisThe January 11, 2019 to 00: 50
I do not see these changes anywhere, they continue eating the mosquitoes, the acequias are still unburied, the sidewalk of Asagador de la Marjal confluence with the Marinas, we continue to play our lives for not making sure sidewalks, and safe k for other parts of the city has changed, but we also pay taxes the residents of this neighborhood is totally abandoned.
LuisThe January 09, 2019 to 14: 24
The other Mediterranean Corridor is much more important, do not you think?
SalvadorThe January 05, 2019 to 10: 09
If in the past more resources have been dedicated to infrastructure such as greenway, bicycle lane, natural roads, etc. and there was a cyclist network in the Marina Alta, surely the Mediterranean Corridor would pass through there.
Lorena FontThe January 04, 2019 to 13: 11
Q price bike helmets
BabyThe January 04, 2019 to 00: 45
Of course I would repeat, it's cool
LeonThe January 02, 2019 to 14: 47
For green mantle the street Ondara Bueno, more than mantle, bushes with droppings of dogs that make this part of DENIA an unusual place that we enjoy alone the privileged neighbors of this area And at night I do not tell you: without light which makes it an ideal place to see the stars. It is what it is
AmpaThe January 02, 2019 to 11: 55
I would like to know if you have the signature Som mits. Thank you
Raquel DiazThe January 01, 2019 to 16: 28
Hi. I know you wrote here a long time ago, but today you spoke about this Association. It was a scam, they are reported and no longer exists.
Genoveva-oubaThe January 01, 2019 to 14: 10
to good in Spain the first of April of all the countries is in December in Denia? You have made me suffer a lot !! I have not liked this joke very often. I often find that Denia is not respected for her high level of culture and history. Which I see more in Javea or Altea. So ... Well, everything's fine
Carmen RovirsThe December 31, 2018 to 11: 43
I treat clients very good Quality price Excellent
Bill jervisThe December 30, 2018 to 13: 43
a REALLY BAD idea! It will look tacky, will be covered in graffiti, and spoil a beautiful view!
Demetrio NicolòThe December 30, 2018 to 12: 53
Dove posso acquistarle?
ANGIOLETTA GIOVANNA GARBARINOThe December 30, 2018 to 11: 04
Hi can you tell me a price more or less than a single lift face? I am Italian but I live in Denia
Baroness linda brownThe December 30, 2018 to 00: 09
Please send me you're email
Josefa Font alberolaThe December 29, 2018 to 18: 40
When can it be seen after presbyopia operation? When does it take?
VictorThe December 29, 2018 to 09: 12
That is not like La Glorieta, which is useless, only to divert traffic
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