La Ruta dels Riuraus Association launches 'FUNBICI', a new tourist offer of bicycle touring

La Ruta dels Riuraus Association launches 'FUNBICI', a new tourist offer of bicycle touring

In the General Assembly of the "Ruta dels Riuraus", was approved unanimously the incorporation of the Funbici Association (Cicloturismo de la Comunidad Valenciana), whose objective is the development of bike routes that include differential aspects from the culture, family and the safety in the use of the bicycle. The "Ruta dels Riuraus"

In March "Walk per La Marina"

It is about good weather, sunny days and pleasant temperatures, great to get out and enjoy nature while breathing fresh air. Tururac has organized this March "Walk per La Marina", the sixth edition of this program four hiking trails guided tours to discover the most beautiful corners

Day hiking, what I put in my backpack?

Now the good weather and it's time to enjoy nature. In addition, it is the time when most plants and trees draw their flowers to the fore, so that the mountain offers all its beauty. When we prepared for a hiker out, we must prepare to be several

Tururac launches the Municipal School of Mountain

The next February joined the offer of the Municipal Sports Schools Dénia a new proposal for children between 7 16 years and by Tururac: the Municipal School of Mountain. Fernando Sendra, Tururac manager, explained that he has created something that so far no

¿Discomfort in the foot? We tell you how to fix it

Pains, whether in the body that are, they are very annoying and especially if located on our feet. But usually did not appreciate much every day we use our feet and when we hurt when we realize that the mere fact calzarnos upset. Avoiding pain in the

Activitats family: hiking in the Planas

Sunday December 16, Family Activitats goes out with a walking route from Las Planas, Cabo de San Antonio and Los Molinos. The meeting point will be the Municipal House of Culture at 10 morning. The event is free and those interested can register by sending an email to

Open in Dénia Soltac, a new company survival supplies

Yesterday afternoon was inaugurated in Dénia Soltac the new store specializing in police accessories, air soft items and survival items. From now on, Soltac offers the more adventurous its perfect equipment with the best brands. Soltac is the only store in town that prepares and equips you for

Excursion to the Cova del Gamell

New tour "Activitats family". In this case, lead us to the Cova del Gamell on Sunday March 13 on a journey through the Agricultural Road Colonia del Montgó. The meeting will be at 10 am at the Municipal House of Culture, where, in private cars, will rise


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