Moors and Christians

The FEMMICC already has a new president for the next 2 years

The Federation of Moors and Christians of Dénia last night decided who would be their new president for the next 2 years. All without surprises, because there was only one nomination submitted, that of Jaime Ferrer Santamaría, and, as expected, this was the winner. Rafa Cheli passes the witness to Jimmy Ferrer La...

Moors and Christians say goodbye with an emotional closing of parties

Yesterday, the Moors and Christians and Sant Roc parties said goodbye until next year. After an exciting and groundbreaking edition, now it is time to strike out days on the calendar until the 2020 parties that will surely be up to date, as they coincide with the 40 anniversary of the event. During the afternoon, hundreds of people...

[PHOTO] Good rhythm and atmosphere in the Moros y Cristianos gala parade

The Moors and Christians squads turn Marquis de Campo Street into their battlefield with the gala parade before the watchful eye of thousands of people who probably enjoyed the most important event of the Fiestas. The ranks dazzled everyone present with their best galas and a good rhythm...

[VIDEO] Relive the parade of the Moors and Christians

The Federació de Moros i Cristians de Dénia (FEMMICC) broadcast live the entire tour of the gala parade of the parties, via the 18: 00. Now, you can relive the entire impressive event thanks to the video that we leave here.

[PHOTOGALLERY] The battle for Dénia reaches the beach with the Moro Landing

On yesterday afternoon, hundreds of witnesses witnessed the arrival of the black troops to the beaches of Dénia, eager to conquer such a beautiful land, even if they cause a bloodshed. The ranks of Moors and Christians are already fully immersed in their parties with the traditional Moro Landing, where they recreated...

[VIDEO] Follow the Moor landing and the truce signature live

The Federation of Moors and Christians of Dénia (FEMMICC) will broadcast live the Moor landing and the signing of the truce on the beach of Port de Dénia on Tuesday, at 20 hours. It will be done through the official channels of the FEMMICC of YouTube and Facebook. It will also be installed...

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