Opinion of the PP on the act of the 9 d'Octubre of the City Council: «This is not a day of contempt for any»

Opinion of the PP on the act of the 9 d'Octubre of the City Council: «This is not a day of contempt for any»

The 9 d'octubre is the day of Valencia, of Tots Els Valencia, of Tots that are sent by Valencia. María Mut, President of the PP of Dénia The government team (PSOE) has celebrated, after 4 years of ignoring and ignoring this day, the institutional act in the City Council. Is it because they approach again...

The opposition joins to demand more transparency from the government on the PGE

This noon, Gent de Dénia, Popular Dénia and Ciudadanos Dénia have summoned the media to make a joint declaration of rejection of the lack of transparency of the City Council regarding the General Structural Plan. They have announced that tomorrow, Tuesday, they will make a written claim to the Ministry of Territory for this purpose, the...

The Popular Party denounces the delay of two months in the placement of the marking

The municipal group of the Popular Party has denounced in a press conference the delay in the installation of the beaconing zone on the Dianense coast, especially in Les Rotes. For the placement of signaling beacons there is a contracted company whose tender was extended at the beginning of the year, according to the Popular. In...

Tense clash between Grimalt and Mut (PP) due to the nature of the posidonia

On Thursday the Ordinary Plenary was held in the Hall of the City Hall of Dénia. During the act, the points to be treated were presented without any surprise. Until it was the turn of prayers and questions. The Popular Party spokeswoman, Maria Mut, took the opportunity to ask the Councilor for Planning and Management of...

The Popular Party celebrates its end of campaign party this afternoon

Today Friday, May 24, from 19: 00 to 22: 00 hours, at the Dorian Gray Pub, the Popular Party of Dénia will hold a party closing the campaign, with the leading role of music and good atmosphere. The party will invite a picaeta and drink will be served at popular prices, as well as exclusive gifts from the Party...

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