The "forgotten" vehicles in the Dénia warehouse will take on a new life for the city's students

01 March 2024 - 12: 25

This month's plenary session has unanimously agreed to sign a collaboration agreement between the Dénia City Council, through its Local Police, and the IES Maria Ibars for the transfer to the educational center of vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds from the municipal warehouse that They are at the end of their useful life and are waiting to be destroyed in an authorized center, with the purpose of being used in the practices of the students of the Basic Degree of Vehicle Maintenance, Medium Degree of vocational training in Vehicle Electromechanics automobiles and the Higher Degree in Automotive from the Dianense institute.

The agreement establishes "not only a training collaboration, but also a social one," explained the Councilor for Citizen Security, Javier Scotto, which consists of the Local Police Department giving the abandoned cycles in the municipal warehouse to Maria Ibars so that the students can restore them and subsequently deliver them to social associations and vulnerable groups. Both parties will work on this joint project with the aim of increasing the use of bicycles in the city of Dénia.

  1. Luis José Landecho Campos says:

    I like all the political figures who don't go for all the citizens of Denia, they only do it for themselves, they say what's ahead, I think about them and all the Friends of Cullons.!!😎

    • Jose Luis says:

      Hello Luis, it is very good that you speak Valencian, but keep in mind that in Denia we live and pay taxes, people who only speak and understand Spanish, if you want us to find out about your comment, do it in the official language, thank you