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More than 3.000 students will participate in the Environmental Education Program

29 September 2010 - 22: 41

Primary schools and colleges ESO This course will Dénia 2010 / 2011 a wide range of environmental activities carried out including excursions, audiovisual presentations and lectures.

The overall objectives of the program are both correct interpretation of the environment in which we live through the acquisition of values, concepts and attitudes, such as the ability to offer alternative solutions to anything that might affect their environment.

Planned program:

- The nostre amic the gos (Primary 2º): audiovisual awareness against animal abandonment.
- Fins them Orelles (3º Primary): Dramatization by Borinots Teatre on the separation of waste in containers.
- Joc d'Ecologia (4º Primary): Dramatization by GE Ca la Bassa on environmental problems.
- Nostres life to them platges (4º Primary): Studies on beaches as an ecosystem
- Itinerary for Parc de Torrecremada (5º Primary): hiking, planting and games on norms and behavior in parks.
- Fem Cicle (5º Primary): Talk about the problem of waste and alternatives.
- Tree Day (6º Primary): Audiovisual and planting on the beach and the Greenway.
- La Mar de Ciències (6º Primary): Exhibition and workshops on sea
- Spring to Jardí de l'Albarda (6º Primary): Environmental itinerary l'Albarda.
- Cycling itinerary by natural paths Dénia (From primary to 6º 2º ESO): Itinerary to meet the environmental values ​​of the old railway line.
- House Bioclimática (From 4º to 6º Primary): visit to a model of bioclimatic house.


- Exposure Seas and Oceans (Of 3º to 6º Primary)
- Best Renewable exposure (Of 3º to 6º Primary)
- Exhibition Climate Change (Of 4º to 6º Primary)
- Activities IRYDA House (Of 1º to 6º Primary)
- Environmental Education Activities Natural Park Montgó (Primary and ESO)

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