The Greenway of Dénia: how to get there, route and photos

The Greenway of Dénia: how to get there, route and photos

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La Via Verda (in Valencian) de Dénia is a path used by walkers and athletes, which passes through the natural path of the old Dénia-Gandia railway line.

Next you have an index with all the points that we are going to deal with.

Location and how to get there

The beginning of the Greenway of Dénia is in the Black Game. As a reference to get there, both on foot and by car, we take Plaza Cholet. From there we head along the Camí Vell de Gandia towards Els Poblets. When we come to a garden center, we turn left. Right away we find signposts at the beginning of the road. Here you have a map to get there easily.


We explain all the details to consider the route: how long it takes and who can do it.


Covers a distance of 6,5 km between Dénia and The Verger (Vergel, in Spanish).


The estimated duration of the walking tour is 1 hour 40 minutes, and 35 minutes by bicycle.


Road suitable for people in wheelchairs throughout the route. In addition, there are two reserved parking spaces at the beginning of the road.

Type of route

It is a flat and low difficulty route, which can be done on foot, by bicycle or in a wheelchair. It is suitable for adults, children and people with reduced mobility.

The Dénia Greenway has rest areas, viewpoints and furniture to practice physical exercise. Along the route there are several wooden bridges to save ravines, also a footbridge to cross the Alberca River, and you have the possibility of deviating from the main road along several perpendicular rural roads that lead to the sea.

This is the path traced by Wikiloc, and you can download the track here.

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It is a friendly route to go from Dénia to Las Marinas beach, to neighboring towns such as El Verger or Els Poblets, or if you want to extend the route, continue to the Marjal Pego-Oliva Natural Park: the Dénia Greenway ends 1 kilometer from the town of Vergel. If we follow the asphalted path along the old railway line we arrive at the old station building. From El Verger, crossing the Marjal de Pego-Oliva, you can reach Oliva and connect with the other recovered section of the old Dénia-Carcaixent railway line: the Vía Verde de La Safor, the neighboring region, of 7 kilometers.


The Vía runs parallel to the north coast of Dénia. The environment is marked by the silhouettes of Montgó at the end of Dénia, and Segaria at the end of Vergel. It is a landscape in which orange and almond trees stand out, and native species such as Aleppo pine or Valencian oak have also been planted along the road.

Trail history

The Ministry of the Environment, Rural and Marine has recovered a series of sections of railway tracks for hiking use, within the framework of the program nature trails. This is the case of the Dénia Greenway, which runs along the route of the old Dénia-Gandia train line, which in turn was part of the Dénia-Carcaixent line. This last line was the oldest narrow gauge train on the peninsula and was in operation for 90 years.

The first Gandía-Carcaixent section dates from 1864. Later, in 1884, the extension to Dénia was made. The Gandía-Carcaixent section was closed in 1969 and the Dénia-Gandia section was closed in 1974.

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    Has anyone thought of doing a study of the risks of power lines? (magnetic field, radiation, voltage) Think distance and time. A greeting

  2. R Walker says:

    Unfortunately this route is not entirely suitable for wheelchair users, road bikes or families with buggies or pushchairs. At the Els Poblets end it is very rough and uneven. You have to leave or join at the picnic area just along from Palmar Station as there's is no further exit before the rough terrain begins. This is such a shame as it is a wonderful asset to the area. Particularly as bicycle lanes have been created on the country roads at the Els Poblets end of the route.