Dénia continues betting on free training in different areas of agriculture

Dénia continues betting on free training in different areas of agriculture

More than 200 people have participated, from 2015, in the free agricultural training courses offered by the Department of Environment and Climate Change of the City of Dénia. A total of 15 courses that have touched areas such as landscape protection, knowledge transfer, different crops and techniques. From the consistory

The International Center for Buddhist Studies teaches "Learning to die"

The International Center for Buddhist Studies (CIDEB) of Pedreguer has scheduled a new full professional training course that will deal with the death of the next March 8. Learning to Die is the name of this formation about death, the dying process and the accompaniment. It consists of four theoretical-practical modules for the purpose of

Experienced farmers form the new generation of the agri-food sector

Working the field is easier if the chain of traditional knowledge is not broken and favors the transfer of experience between generations. People interested in accessing agricultural activity in Dénia and the Marina Alta have a new opportunity to get in touch with the cultivation of crops from the first moment.

Dénia bets on agricultural training with free courses

The City Council of Dénia, through the Department of Environment, Agriculture and Climate Change and the Office of Innovation and Creativity, promotes an agricultural training plan that will run from November of 2018 until May of 2019, giving continuity to the actions in formation of the previous semesters. The first

Beginning in the UNED of Dénia the Spanish workshops for foreigners

The facilities of the UNED Dénia host the series of workshops for foreigners Spanish aimed at residents who want to expand their knowledge of the language. The duration of these courses is 15 sessions of two hours and are taught by Professor Victoria Monera, a graduate in Hispanic Philology and teacher-tutor of

Registration open for the language courses offered by the UNED in Dénia

The Center Associated to the UNED in Dénia already has open, and until the 8 of November, the term of registration of the language courses. These are blended and tutored courses, which have native teachers and will mainly work on the command of oral language. The requirement of access to these courses


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