The 10 best places in Dénia to eat the Mona de Pascua

The 10 best places in Dénia to eat the Mona de Pascua

31 March 2024 - 09: 00

During Holy Week, one of the most followed traditions in the area is to flee the city to go on excursions and, on the way, have a snack on the Easter cake. For this reason, we have compiled here several ideas on where to eat the mona in Dénia.

the Montgó

The first place that comes to mind, and rightly so. You just need to look up to find the best place to take refuge away from the noisy city and spend an Easter day. The Montgó de Dénia is not only a fantastic place to have a snack, but it also allows you to hike and get lost in the middle of nature like no other place. In fact, you can take the opportunity to make one of the hiking trails that we recommend.

The Carved Cave

If Montgó is not isolated enough for what you are looking for, the best choice is Cova Tallada. You will be able to connect in the same way with nature while enjoying an incredible setting by the sea. In addition, you will be forced to go hiking as the only way to get to the cave is through a route that can only be done on foot.

The Castle

In the heart of Dénia but ideal to disconnect. It seems incredible, but even today the castle walls can serve to protect us from what may disturb our peace. On top of that, getting to it does not require leaving the urban area. That is why it has become one of the favorite destinations for Dianenses to spend an Easter day with family or friends.

The Pinaret d'Elies

Perhaps one of the most unknown places on the list, but during its years of splendor it was visited by many groups looking for a green but accessible place to eat the monkey. This pine forest that persists in front of the Portland factory continues to retain its magic despite having fallen somewhat into oblivion by families. Nevertheless, it is still an ideal place to spend the afternoon.

Tower Gerro

Returning to the Montgó but without going into the mountain, we find the well-known Torre del Gerro. It is a watchtower built in the XNUMXth century for the defense of Dénia. They decided on that place to build the construction because it offered an unparalleled wide view of the Mediterranean. The same reason why even today it is a pleasure to approach and contemplate a dreamlike landscape. Also perfect for a family Easter day.

Les Rotes

Although if the previous option still seems too far from the Mediterranean and you want to hear how the waves break at the same time that the smell of the sea invades you, the best option is to wander along the Les Rotes promenade aimlessly. Throughout the tour you will find ideal spaces to stop and enjoy that quiet first line to enjoy the mona. A perfect place, also, to fly the traditional kite at Easter.

The Greenway

This road, where in other times a train went north, has become one of the best places to escape from the city. The Vía Verde is especially recommended for those who like to take the bicycle at Easter. Along its route between fields and away from the roads, every few meters, picnic areas appear that allow you to stop to rest and have a bite to eat away from the city.


We have talked about eating the mona by the sea, so it is fair to talk about the other great coast of Dénia where you can do it. The Les Marines road is full of sandy beaches where you can spend Easter just a few meters from the water. In addition, the beaches are so extensive that you can easily find a corner where you can be away from everyone, if what you are looking for is tranquility.

The Pinaret of La Xara

We move away a little from Dénia to value this idyllic picnic area of ​​La Xara. It is a park that underwent a major transformation in 2017 to become the leisure space it is today. El Pinaret has a picnic area and stone benches, public toilets and even a space to prepare barbecues. Little more can be asked of a place to host our Easter snack.

Riurau de Benissadeví (Poor Jesus)

It is one of the most historic riuraus in the Marina Alta. It was built between the 2010th and XNUMXth centuries, and restored in XNUMX to present its magnificent current state. It is an incredible place to be able to rest in a group and devour some monkeys in the middle of that place that is so ours. Of course, if you are looking for a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, avoid going out on Sunday, because that day, every week, the recommendable and bustling Mercat del Riurau is organized.

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