Fallas de Dénia: its history, location, photos and video

Each year, between the 17 and 19 March, Dénia streets are flooded with color, music and spectacular monuments to celebrate a unique event in the world: failures. A festival celebrating the arrival of spring to the sound of firecrackers and giving special prominence to the fire, and that in Dénia forms a group of about 2.000 people linked to the party.

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1947-1948 the exercise is officially recorded in all documents as the first year in the history of failures in Dénia, although it is aware of the plant monuments from the late nineteenth century.

Origin of the Dénia Fallas

In the 1927 year, a group of young neighbors Olivera Street in the neighborhood Les RoquesThey organized a party to celebrate San José. A year later, it was the residents of Independencia Street who requested authorization from the City Council to plant a monument, but it was not until 1947 that the party started with force in the city of Dénia.

Dénia's first fault

That year, the failure of the streets Sueca-Alcoi-Dénia de València decided to appoint honorary presidents to the mayors of the three cities in order to organize events and raise funds for the party. The contact with the Valencian partiers encouraged a group of young Dianenses to reconvert that twinning with the Valencian fault on the first floor of a monument in Dénia in the old square of the Mercat Municipal de Dénia, today GlorietaUnder the name of the Penya del Tio Pep.

First failing commissions: Les Roques, Center, Maritime District and West

Following the success of the first year of plantà and Fallas festival in Dénia, members of the rock met several people interested in who would become the historic meeting Coffee Neutral, in which the first lines were established to monitor failures dianenses. From that meeting they came up four committees: Les Roques, Central, and West Marine District and the creation of the Central Board Fallera Denia, responsible for coordinating the independent acts of commissions.

Modern Age of Fallas

Although there was a break in the holidays between 1961 and 1967 discouragement of participants in the party, born in 1968 known as second era of the failures of Denia, which lasts until today. At that time new commissions appear to increase the number of districts in Dénia falleros to the current eleven who have managed to turn the city into a fallero reference in Valencia.


The great days of the failures in the Dénia are the 17 19 March when the monuments shine in all its glory on the streets of the city. Still, it should be noted that failures in Dénia live all year through presentations, election officials, Day floats and countless events organized by each committee throughout the year.

17 Day: the plantà and the awards

The March 17 is the first day that the monuments are fully planted. This first day of fallas stands out for the delivery of prizes to the creations of the Fallas artists. In the morning, the City Council welcomes the delivery of children's premise, and in the afternoon, after the first round of pleitesías, it is the turn of the most anticipated prizes, the prizes to the great monuments to which the eleven commissions of the city aspire .

Day 18: pleitesías, mascletà and concert of bands

The second official day is a day of celebration failures awards. In the morning, the commissions they feast their neighborhoods collecting the falleros by women of the commission, while the afternoon is dedicated to the second round of pleitesías, in which all failures visit of the Fallas districts from the city.

appointment on the street Via to attend the concert of the bands that accompany those days both falleras commissions as given at the end of the tour, falleros and falleras to Local Board Fallera. Each plays a free piece to liven up the night late in Dénia.

The evening continues with night mascletà organized by the Local Board Fallera, these years shooting from the Plaza Jaume I. To end the day, the committees organize parties in their places and farmsteads.

19 Day: offering, new presidents and cremà

And come the last day of failure, the expected day of San Jose, ending an intense year of work and experiences. It is the day of the patron of the party, and therefore early Mass is celebrated in his honor. Then begins the offering of flowers to the Mare de Deu, departing from the port by Calle Marques de Campo towards Diana Street to turn onto the street Magallanes to the Plaza del Convento, where, at the gates of the Church of San Antonio, awaits the image of the Virgin. There, members of the Comission of Festes of the Mare de Deu are responsible for creating a blanket of flowers thanks to bouquets they receive from falleras participating in the offering.

After the offering, the maximum charges of the failures of Dénia offer their branches inside the church in the image of the Mare de Déu.

Food Day San Jose serves for committees to elect their new president, a position he presented afternoon to members of the Local Board Fallera in the basement of City Hall, which marks the beginning of the new year.

Around 21 hours starts with the failure of the Local Board Fallera, the cream of the 23 monuments that are planted in the city (two for each committee and one of the local board). One night when fire meets its work and turns to ashes the Fallas monuments.

Cremà failures Dénia 2016 - Failure of Local Board Fallera

Other important dates

After cream failures start the new year, and there are several important dates on the calendar faller.

Appointment of Falleras Mayores de Dénia and charge of charges

Between April and May commissions disclosed the names of the new positions of each fault, whereas it is in the month of may when the city elects new Falleras Over Denia. That same week the chosen bands and receive their appointment as such.

Fallero Day and float parade

Summer is marked by festivities in Dénia July, in which falleros and falleras have an important role and two marked days: the day of the fallero, in which after a morning of cucana by the city the transfer of positions is celebrated in an act that takes place at night, and the great parade of floats, in which the eleven commissions create the floats on which their posts will march and which opt for the first prize, a parade declared a Festival of Provincial Tourist Interest.

Presentation of the Falleras Mayores de Dénia and commissions

Summer ends with another important event in the month of SeptemberPresenting the new falleras over Dénia, which opens the round of presentations falleras happen in the city until February or so.

Sopar de Gala, pregón, cridà and Sopar del Germanor

At the end of February the official acts of the program of failures with the Sopar de Gala start, in which the distinctions are given to the exemplary falleros; the pregón and the crida of the majors falleras of the city; and Sopar de Germanor, which gathers thousands of falleros in the Torrecremada tent to celebrate the imminent arrival of the fallas in Dénia.

Plane failures Dénia

Dénia eleven failures are spread throughout the city with the following locations:


Dénia failures are divided into two sections: Special and first. In the special section currently four committees, both large and children, while in the first section there are seven.

Fallas sections

The classification of monuments in one or another section depends on the budget. For large monuments, the barrier is set at 36.000 euros, while on small monuments, that barrier is marked by 13.000 euros. Monuments that exceed those figures will be part of the special section, while those below will compete in the first section.


A jury come from outside the 17 visit monuments March day in the morning. After evaluating several points counting is performed before a notary, and proceeds to delivery at the Plenary Hall of the City of Dénia, where the positions of all committees meet to collect their pins.

Prize giving

At noon it is the turn of children's monuments, while in the evening we proceed to the awards to the great monuments. In both cases, the awards ceremony begins with the first category, from lowest to highest, and continues with the special category, also from low to high.

Other awards of Children's Fallas

During the delivery of children's prizes are also applicable to awards of Ingenio and grace in both categories and the prize for the best painting between eleven planted failures.

Other awards of Big Fallas

In the big prizes the awards of Ingenio and Grace, Promotion of Valencia, best criticism Tourist, Best Environmental Review, Best Local Review Activity Faller, risk premium, Award Ornamentation, Prize is also performed for Best Painting fault, best Book Award and de Falla Award for best bedecked street.


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