Ximo Puig claims hospitality as a sign of Valencian identity during the PSPV dinner in Dénia

Last night it took place at the station Baleària summer dinner PSPV, which was attended by many socialist supporters and positions of different municipalities of the province, as well as the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig.

Mayor Vicent Grimalt He showed his pride in hosting an event full of «So many socialist companions» They have chosen Dénia to celebrate dinner. In the same way, he thanked Puig for choosing the Marina Alta as a resting destination, since he finds these dates vacationing in the city.

During the dinner, the historical results of the PSPV were celebrated both in the province and in the Navy, where they have gone from having 2 mayors and a half to having 13, as the councilman recalled Óscar Mengual. «The record of votes in the Marina Alta has been broken»commented Mengual, thanking «To the companions that fill the institutions of socialism».

In the same vein the speech of the mayor of Xàbia, José Chulvi, which celebrated the increase in the number of mayors and socialist votes in the region and in the Valencian Community. The Mayor of Xabienc listed several of the most important projects that are yet to come, such as the free AP-7 and the transition to public management of the regional hospital. «Victory is for the brave and those who make brave decisions», concluded Chulvi.

As expected, the pre-dinner presentation was completed by the President, who reminded those present of the importance of hospitality towards tourists, since, according to Puig, «Tourism is more than an industry, so we must be very careful».

He was very grateful for the work of the teams in the region, also dedicating words to the rest of the province. In Alicante, he recalled that they have been the most voted force although they have not got enough votes to govern. However, he said they will defend «The interests of the Community and province of Alicante».

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