Dénia Castle reopens with 14 fewer pine trees than in October

15 December 2023 - 13: 01

The maintenance and conservation tasks of the vegetation of the Dénia Castle They concluded this week. During the month of November, eleven pine trees were felled inside the fortress, which remained closed during the days of the work. In addition, yesterday, Thursday, access to the public was also closed to carry out the felling of three other large pine specimens with the help of a crane. Today, Friday, the Castle has reopened normally.

The maintenance and conservation work has also included the cleaning of the rock plants of the Council Tower and the Duke's Palace, as well as the felling of a bush that was leaning over a house on Trinquet Street, the rejuvenation pruning of two carob trees to prevent damage to nearby buildings and, finally, the pruning of nine pine trees on the premises.

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  1. Antonio says:

    Once they're done, let them all be cut. This way we will spend cool summers in the shade.

    Why do these politicians and municipal technicians enjoy cutting down trees so much?