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Opinion Susana Mut (Citizens): Thanks Dénia for being a Citizen

May 29 from 2019 - 10: 19

All together we have lived a few weeks of intense work to get the message of Citizens to the dianenses. Meetings with different groups and local associations, preparation of our program, presentations, interviews, press conferences, a multitude of activities in which all the components of Citizens have had the privilege of being able to address all of you.

The result has been an election day that comes out a clear winner, the PSOE, which we congratulate for its success and which we hope a journey capable of generating progress and, above all, well-being for all of us who form this Dénia multicolored of the what we enjoy At this point, it is appropriate to stop and thank our Sergio Benito for the tireless work done, his work capacity and his honesty and clarity when working for Dénia. He has led our formation during a complicated legislature, making Ciudadanos the only party that has exercised real and effective opposition, highlighting the deficiencies of the governing coalition.

Thanks Sergio, your work has made us the only party that has not taken a step back from the PSOE in these elections. We maintain our councilors and our desire to defend a Dénia of the XXI Century, away from dogmatic positions and dedicated to the common good.

Now it's up to two women to represent Citizens in the town hall, we are Estefanía Schwamb and myself, Susana Mut Alemany. A lawyer and a teacher. Two daughters of the multicultural Dénia in which we live, prepared and capable. Do not doubt that we will take Dénia and dianenses very seriously. This will be our goal and our motivation. We will work tirelessly from the city hall, but also from the street and in the day to day of our city. We will be dialogues as women and mothers that we are, but also determined and combative when the situation requires it. Thanks to all of you who have trusted us, we will work for # DéniaEnSerio.

Susana Mut

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  1. Susana Volpini says:

    Good. It is also necessary to regulate and regulate the agreement with pets in the city of Denia. Lack of cleaning staff. The street smells like pis. CONTENTLY.
    It would also be good to regulate the amount of pets that a dianense can have at home and their identification, by way of chip in a mandatory way, and to become serious with this issue.
    On the other hand, a clean beach for dogs is necessary, which is currently not in healthy conditions for pets or owners.
    Thank you very much.

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