The 20 best restaurants in Dénia

29 October 2021 - 19: 40

With the enormous gastronomic proposal of the capital of the Marina Alta sometimes it's hard to choose. In order to guide or discover the top places to eat in the city, we have created these two rankings. The first, with the 20 best product restaurants in Dénia and, the second, with the TOP 5 Best Author Restaurants in Dénia, whether they are expensive, cheap, haute cuisine or for a casual dinner with friends. Everything has a place on our list.

Live. Live intensely. Without missing a landscape, not a song, not a flavor. If you are lucky enough to wake up every day in Dénia, or if you have had the wonderful intuition of choosing it as a vacation spot, surely you want to enjoy it with all your senses. From here we propose a trip through the best restaurants in the city, we will tell you what sensations they contain and what you will find when you sit at their table.

The 20 best product restaurants in Dénia

20. Restaurant Noguera

Native cuisine to vora mar (by the sea). Find in Restaurant Noguera the great successes of the Dénia cookbook: dry rice for lovers of eating in the paella, sweet to eat with a spoon, fideuàs and traditional stews. Savor the essence of local cuisine on a relaxing balcony overlooking the sea. Do you want to see a spectacular sunset? Sit at one of their tables.

19. Nomada Restaurant

El Nomada Restaurant offers the perfect union between Italian haute cuisine and the Mediterranean way of life. Passionate about local produce, they know how to bring it to the plate through preparations suitable for all types of palates. As if its delicious and pampered menu or its establishment in a marina with views of the maritime district and the castle from Dénia, they also give the opportunity to share lunch sailing along the Dianense coast in one of their boats.

18. Customs Wine Experience

In the heart of Dénia is the unparalleled gourmet experience of the Customs Wine Experience. Do not be fooled by the name, because despite its extensive wine cellar, with more than 400 international wines, it has a wide variety of dishes from all over the world. You can taste from wild fish to Wagyu meat, passing through the best national seafood.

17. Moved Dénia

En Moved Dénia You will enjoy the contemporary cuisine created by chef Javier Sevilla, a renowned chef who has been in charge of restaurants in Sydney, San Francisco or Washington DC. Breakfasts, lunches, lunches, dinners and also events: ask them and they will explain everything to you. In addition, they have menus of the day, tapas menus and also to take away. All this in a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere.

16. Mediterranean

MediterrAsian, located in the lower part of the Peix & Brases Restaurant, is the most casual area of ​​the restaurant. A fusion that, as its name suggests, unites dishes from our culture with others from the East. Mediterranean philosophy and Asian influence.

15. The Sea Xerna

La Xerna del Mar was born in 2018 in the heart of Dénia, on Sandunga street. With a young and creative team, the restaurant offers you traditional Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of innovation. Different environments, in the same restaurant. In the main room you will be carried away by the Mediterranean breeze with the lighting and the blue, white and gold colors. On the terrace, lunches and dinners are extended in a single after-dinner in a very cozy atmosphere.

14. Fernando Restaurant

restaurant Fernando It was founded in 1974 by Fernando and Pepita and since then it has been a benchmark for Dianense Mediterranean cuisine. A family restaurant that offers exquisite rice dishes and fish prepared as always, in the most traditional way.

13. La Senia Restaurant

Located inside the Hotel Nou Romà, in La Senia you can taste top quality Mediterranean cuisine in a cozy atmosphere in the heart of Dénia.

12. Sale of Posa

The Venta de Posa restaurant opens its doors in a unique setting, installed in an old town house in the Marina Alta that provides a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere to the diner. A restaurant in Dénia with a family tradition with more than 30 years of experience, which has passed from father to son and has known how to reinvent itself.

The renowned Chef Federico Guajardo is in charge of the Venta de Posa and is committed to traditional and quality Valencian cuisine, with local and seasonal products, which allow you to rediscover the most classic and emblematic dishes of the region.

11. Tasca Eulalia

It is, without a doubt, the best-known family restaurant in Marqués de Campo. The Tasca Eulalia It has a long and impeccable history serving its exquisite Mediterranean food, made with the best products from the fish market and the Dénia market. A charming corner in which to delight in the experience, friendliness and the exquisite taste for things well done by its staff. And at a fairly affordable price.

10. Mena Restaurant

El restaurant Mena in 1959 on a cliff overlooking Cape San Antonio. Savor seafood, rice and tapas of traditional Mediterranean cuisine in an incredible place. As they say themselves, "Enjoying our dishes is much more than sharing a meal with friends. It is making family, feeling the Mediterranean roots and showing off who we are". If you want to try an impressive rice, and feel at home, this is the place.

9. L'Escoleta

"Imagination, creativity are concepts that are not at odds with traditionality, seasonality and the quality of the raw material." A real delight without involving a large outlay of money. L'Escoleta It has the virtue of standing out in a place so crowded by good restaurants such as Loreto street. And not only do you succeed with your dishes, but the decoration of your establishment is treated with great care.

8. Pont Sec

Pep Romany is the promoter of the Pont Sec gastronomic project. Pep is a recoverer of traditional flavors and a seeker of experiences that includes his cuisine between the three Ts: tradition, territory and season.

Among the specialties that you cannot miss are the dried octopus, the cocas, the stew balls and the paella with octopus and dried tomato.

7. Sendra Restaurant

If you pass by Restaurante Sendra, it is very likely that you will see octopuses lying in the sun. The best time to dry them is in winter, because the sun is not very strong. And the best place, where they are, by the sea. Enjoy there a great gastronomic offer: fresh fish, the best breaded anchovies, rice and dried octopus with all its traditional process.

6. The Raset

El Raset is the ideal place to enjoy Mediterranean Market cuisine with creative touches. Rice, fish and shellfish of the highest quality together with a heated cellar in a cabinet with more than 150 references so that the pairing is perfect.

5. Federico House

A Dénia classic, since 1980 making the usual rice dishes with the wisdom of the ancestors. Casa Federico is a family business that bears the banner of preserving the traditional recipes of our area. They use the best raw material, giving preference to products from local fishing. It is a pleasant, friendly and spacious meeting place.

4. Estanyó Restaurant

Rescuing the memory of flavors and turning them into a unique experience, that is the philosophy of Restaurant Estanyo. In its restaurant you can taste the most typical gastronomy of the region on the beachfront, in Marines. Rice, fresh fish, homemade desserts ... Quality products and signature cuisine come together to make you enjoy a wonderful day by the sea.

3. The Racó de La Xara

It is one of the most recent proposals in the area, but The Racó de La Xara It has already earned a place among the best of local gastronomy. Their insistence on offering the best product causes unparalleled enjoyment for the palate. Everything is studied in detail to delight the clientele in an establishment reminiscent of the txokos Basques in their finishes. In addition, it offers an intimate experience like no other restaurant, since it has different reserved spaces to make any meal more welcoming.

2. The Pegolí

Pepe Piera "El Pegolí" (the pegolino, a native of the nearby town of Pego) took over the reins of this restaurant in 1964, when he returned from the military. His parents founded it many years ago. Its decoration is of a traditional classic inn, but the best decoration is its location, at the foot of the sea. Pepe Piera began serving fresh seafood and fish that he brought every day from the fish market, and he revolutionized local cuisine. It gave the red shrimp the place it deserved and promoted the gastronomy of the Marina Alta like never before. Today the restaurant is run by his daughters and continues with its specialty in red shrimp and arroz a banda.

1. The Faralló

They are defined as Authentic cuina deniera (authentic dianense cuisine). They make traditional Dénia cuisine, with special mention to the red prawn. In fact, the Repsol Guide dedicates an article to them entitled "The sanctuary of the red shrimp". They have appeared on television shows, and various food guides such as Condé Nast Traveler or the gastronomy sections of El Mundo or Expansión highlight them.

The 5 best author restaurants in Dénia

5. Samaruc Restaurant

If you are looking for a creative cuisine tasting menu but without exorbitant prices, the Restaurant Samaruc is the ideal option. Chef Ismael Bilbao proposes a gastronomic experience to give free rein to the senses, enjoying new textures and unrepeatable flavors. The auto dishes use seasonal products with local raw materials and a lot of creativity. All this, at the foot of the Montgó, breathing tranquility, nature and a Mediterranean atmosphere.


Located in the attic of showroom by interior designer Pepe Cabrera, integrates kitchen and living room in a common space: chef Bruno Ruiz prepares the dishes in front of the client, commenting on the products and explaining the process, achieving a different gastronomic experience. The interior of the restaurant is surprising, offering a unique seasonal menu, creative and with well-defined flavors.

In 2018, Aticcook won the Dénia Red Shrimp International Creative Cuisine Contest, with the dish “Shrimp below zero”. That same year, the restaurant was included in the guide "55 best restaurants in the Valencian Community" and is present in the Michelin Guide as a recommended establishment.

3. Miquel's Baret

In the center of Dénia, in a town house, is El Baret. Miquel Ruiz makes wonderfully simple gastronomy there: holder of a Michelin Star, he cooks what the land gives each season to make his customers happy. This chef abandoned the craze of haute cuisine to settle in his Baret and do what he liked best away from the pressures of stardom.

2. Fish and Brases

Tradition and avant-garde with close and quality products. And especially (they carry it in their name), a spectacular handling of the embers, which make the delicious raw material shine.

1. Quique Dacosta Restaurant

Without a doubt, the most awarded and best known internationally. With three Michelin Stars, three Suns in the prestigious Repsol Guide, ranked as the best restaurant in Europe on two occasions, it has also been recognized as one of the 10 best restaurants in the world and has ranked 26 in the list of the 50 best in the world. world.

What can you experience in Restaurant Quique Dacosta? He has achieved a cuisine without borders but with roots: his work, always evolving, has come to create a new Valencian cuisine based on local products, always with a window open to the world, other cultures and their ways of cooking.

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      I laugh at that list, always the same ones, those who pay and advertise them, also those who charge a kidney to eat, there aren't much smaller restaurants, cheap and all homemade and they don't even name them, this is a shame ,I ate a sticky lobster rice this summer in the port that not even Quique dacosta and at 24 euros the menu per person with appetizers, dessert or coffee, it is the best rice I have ever eaten and that restaurant does not appear on the list, ha of course they don't pay to advertise, a small family restaurant, what I said is a shame and on top of that this page supports this.

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