restaurant Mena

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If Don Diego said "Mena worth" it was for something.
Worth of its magnificent setting in the Dianense Mediterranean.
Worth it for their family and close treatment.
Worth it for its traditional cuisine, the usual.
Worth it for its stunning rice.

Because eating in restaurant Mena It is an experience not to be missed. Enjoy your dishes is much more than sharing a meal with friends. It is to make family feel the Mediterranean roots and brag about what we are.

Seafood, rice and tapas, thematic days with our best products and above all, feel at home. Accompanied by exquisite wines and cavas.

Here you can see his full letter. And here the wine list.

That and much more, restaurant Mena worth it.


End of Les Rotes (Denia) -

  1. Bolivia grazing Encinas says:

    A unique place, something romantic, something divine, in a wonderful place, a view where we can only think of fantastic thoughts and ideas, while the palate explodes with pleasure and flavors, together with yours that better!

    • Santiago lopez vidal says:

      Impressive .. Of the best places q. I have enjoyed and lived ..
      If d. Diego father. It was a phenomenon .. D. Diego Jr. has inherited all his gifts .. A marvel. Of the life.

  2. Vanesa says:

    To remember old times! Kisses!

    • Esther says:

      We have eaten today and have been great, great food. The very attentive service and the best Maria José, who has guided us very well on the menu item and especially for me that being celiac has had many details with me. The restaurant with a lovely landscape. We repeat for sure.

  3. Eduardo Molina Lopez says:

    Well, with my girl, of course, that although I have tried the "delicatessen" of the Mena, she still hasn't.


    Whenever I've been there, I've loved it! Let's see if we are lucky!!

  5. María Chicos Lozano says:

    Looking forward to going back and trying new dishes :))))

  6. Egesipo says:

    Without words going to the MENA restaurant is worth it. And, okay?

  7. Patricia says:

    With Antonio Fernández Prada

  8. Karmen says:

    That of memories, and how long without going.

  9. Patxi Martinez says:

    that good looking !!!!

  10. Mateo Asensio Bisquert says:

    I have never been to the Mena Restaurant, but if I have heard of their delicious menus, forever… .congratulations!

  11. Raquel Fontana says:

    I would like to try bust menu I find it fantastic?

  12. Raquel Fontana says:

    I would love to try your menu I find it excellent?

  13. Isabel Beltran says:

    Our favorite restaurant and the best people you could meet .. And we WORTH MORE THAN THAT !! And

  14. Lola Guntiñas says:

    A lloc privilegiat on Gaudir of bona cuina

  15. Abellán Francisca Cespedes says:

    With my husband who likes hedgehogs

  16. Marisa says:

    I know him and I love him, good people and very friendly, it's a pleasure… ..

  17. Paula says:

    I hope you touch me !!! I would love to go !!!

  18. saes says:

    I'd love to try their food with my partner

  19. Maven Fornes Rabadan says:

    I would still go to Restaurante Mena with my partner, it is a very special place !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Vera Santamaria says:

    Hopefully muyyy eat well !! I would go with my husband !!!

  21. ana says:

    a privileged place for an exceptional meal

  22. xaro says:

    I had the great fortune of being able to go several times, there celebrate the golden anniversary of my parents, a great memory, I love the food they serve and the place is beautiful, magical, good luck

  23. Alexandra Herranz Moscardo says:

    Hopefully touch me !! you eat very well there !!

  24. ampy says:

    I would be muxa Ilision.
    I've always wanted to go ...

  25. Alicia Troche Urtazu says:

    Eating at the Mena, of course WORTH IT….