Visits to the Catxupa and Fragata Guadalupe are the icing on the archaeological summer program

14 July 2015 - 13: 20

The archeology department Dénia City Council presented the part of the cultural program dedicated to archeology and historical heritage of Dénia. To complement what was presented several weeks for the Department of Culture ago, this part of the program will go directly to the history of our city.

Rafa Gisbert i Josep Carrio present the program for the summer arequeológico

Like every year, the tours guided by the castle They take the cake, with visits almost every day (from Tuesday to Friday) from 19:00 p.m. These visits, with an expert guide, are dedicated to discovering the secrets of the castle, which was a very important strategic point on the Levantine coast.

In addition, they continue to be made nightly visits to Seven gates of the Citadel in DéniaProgram, which reaches its third edition. From 21: 30 hours, Tuesday through Friday, we see all these doors with an expert who will explain every detail. Finally, as a novelty, there will be a guided tour that will first Castle to enter the historic center of our city. With this historic ride, also guided by an expert, you can know the Portal de la Vila. These new visits will also take place from Tuesday to Friday from the 20: 00 hours.

Also new this summer are visits to the cave Catxupa and the sinking of the Frigate Guadalupe. Weekends will be complete with these two activities. On Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. there will be visits to the Montgó cave where you can see, explained by an expert guide, the cave paintings of the prehistoric stage. In the same way, on Sundays, starting at 10:30 a.m., the route walked along the Paseo de Les Rotes near where the Guadalupe Frigate sank in the late XNUMXth century.

Finally, they will continue the conferences dedicated to 1.000 years of the Taifa of Dénia. Will be varied lectures on the history of our Taifa and will be held every Thursday starting at 20: 00 hours in the Sala del Castillo.

All guided visits to the castle as well as the weekends will be free but will have to register before. The information can be found in the phone number 966420260 10 from: 30 13 to: 00 hours.

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