Gent de Dénia will once again demand the installation of a network of public bathrooms in the city

20 September 2023 - 12: 22

the municipal group Gent of Dénia will again demand in the next plenary session of the Dénia City Council the repair and implementation of the public toilets at the bus station through a motion. The training assures that this is a "lack" in the town, corroborated by the various associations and agents of Dianense civil society, by those who decided to include in their last electoral program the proposal to obtain a network of public bathrooms in the city.

«We even carried out an action carrying urinals as a sign of protest. Neither this government team nor the previous one have been able to put simple toilets into operation after three years. But we are insistent and we want to go further, because the corporation must rise to the occasion and provide solutions to citizens' problems," they say.

Currently, Dénia, "regardless of the large number of people who visit it and move through its streets, has more than 47.000 inhabitants, of which 13.200 are people over 60 years old, which translates into about 28% of the total population," they argue. For Gent de Dénia, "there is nothing more important than improving the quality of life of our citizens, and that involves proposing and demanding measures that favor this progress of our city."

The motion that the formation will present "aims to find solutions to several problems." In addition to providing both the elderly and all residents and visitors with a network of public bathrooms, it will be possible to "prevent to a certain extent the proliferation of unhealthy areas, especially in nightlife areas," they point out. "Today there are bathrooms of all types, vandal-proof, easy to clean, with automatic opening, etc., which can perfectly be installed in various points without a high maintenance and investment cost."

In this way, the Gent de Dénia Municipal Group has presented for consideration and acceptance by the Municipal Plenary Session the following proposal in accordance with a series of points to take into account:

That an economic legal study be carried out for the installation of a network of accessible public bathrooms, which includes:

  • The number of bathrooms and their recommended location to cover the minimum needs of users.
  • The cost of its installation and the forecast of the expenditure necessary for its maintenance.
  • The cost and suitability of public toilets being vandal-proof and having baby changing tables.
  • The cost and suitability of implementing an access card system that facilitates the use of this service free or very cheap for older people, as well as paid for other users, setting a minimum price to avoid improper use and the deterioration of facilities.

  1. Omniway says:

    I think it's a great idea. It is a service that should be present in all cities and is a necessity. You just have to find yourself in a hurry one day and not find a solution to the problem.
    I would also propose that a municipal ordinance require that all hospitality establishments provide public toilet services. As happens in other cities. That they could not refuse to let a person enter the toilets.

  2. It says:

    Piss out of the pot these GD.
    QR signs on the streets and public bathrooms will be a necessity when many priority problems of Citizens are resolved.
    Access to housing, decent work, serious aid for education, road safety, senior centers, rest and tranquility assured, decent and free transportation…. And so on to infinity….
    Dedicate yourself to serious things please.