GD asks that accessible containers be installed for people with functional diversity

November 17 from 2020 - 09: 45

The group of Gent de Dénia has presented a motion to urge the local government to install accessible containers to facilitate their use by people with disabilities.

At present, Dénia does not have garbage containers adapted to residents with reduced mobility. Most of these are unreachable for people in wheelchairs and are difficult for the elderly to use.

For this reason, the group of Gent de Dénia will ask in the next ordinary plenary session for the installation of said accessible containers in order to continue reducing the architectural barriers that neighbors and visitors must still live with.

As the specifications for the award of the waste collection service are being drafted, the training led by Mario Vidal considers that it is the ideal time to consider the use of this type of adapted containers. That they promote the use of Braille language to facilitate recycling for blind people, as well as openings and devices that make it easier for everyone to deposit waste.

"We must bet on a gradual introduction of adapted containers and that the new acquisitions of them are of this type to adapt the service provided to the needs of the majority of society", they point out in the Gent de Dénia motion.

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