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The 'Dénia Corre' is noted in each of the Christmas races

28 December 2019 - 01: 08

During these Christmas dates, many races have been organized by the municipalities of the region. In each of them, athletes who form the group of Dénia Run, have shown their potential obtaining very good results and above all, occupying the podium.

San Silvestre Vila de Calp

The first population to open the Christmas Races of the region was Calp. The course was held on Thursday, December 19 in the afternoon with a tour of 3.2 km. In this test we must highlight the second absolute position of Fran López Bolufer with a record of 0:09:22) and the second and third position in the women's category of Marta Ortego Luna with a time of 0:11:30 and Mayca Sala Garcia 0:12:19.

Also participating: Pedro Martínez González (0:09:59), José Valero Pedraza (0:10:03), José Manuel Díaz Fernández (0:10:06), Carlos Sánchez Sau (0:10:10), José Miguel Navarro Rafet (0:14:58), Pepi Gómez García (0:14:58), Jerónima Gil Gil (0:16:36) and Vicente Castells Gil (0:16:37).

Fenced Trail

On Saturday 21 was the course by mountain in the Valencian town of Vallada. Two runners of the Dénia Corre participated in the different distances that stood out for their technical nature. In the course of 26 km José Francisco García participated with a time of 4:07:00 while in the distance of 11 km Carlos finished
Sánchez at 1:37:45 and Martí Sifré with a mark of 1:54:21.

Curá solidària de nadal de Moraira

On Saturday afternoon it was Moraira's turn where a solidarity course was held with a distance of 3.7 kilometers. Here he highlighted the second absolute position of José Miguel Navarro in a time of 0:13:15. Dénia Corre also participated: Carlos Sánchez Sau (0:13:30), Pepi Gómez García (0:19:35), Martí Sifré Pont (0:19:35),
Jerónima Gil Gil and Vicente Castells Gil.

Volta a peu to Beniflà

On Sunday 22, in the morning, the Volta a Peu of 7.5Km was held in Beniflà. The test, nestled within the Circuit a la Safor It had 12 runners of the Dénia Corre highlighting the second position of Carla Serra with a time of 0:38:04 in senior women. They also participated:

Vicente López Ferreres (0:26:17), José Miguel Navarro Rafet (0:26:52), Juan Carlos González Fontanet (0:29:07), Rubén Ribes García (0:35:16), Jordan Escortell Mahiques ( 0:35:19), Alonso Puigcerver Devesa (0:36:06), Pepi Gómez García (0:38:32), Aranzazu Cabanes Sempere (0:39:05), Janeth Cruz Gómez (0:41:32) , Vicente Llobell Prieto (0:41:47) and Pep Ibáñez Ortolá (0:42:40).

Xaló nadal course

La Xaló pels carrers nadal course It was Sunday morning with a 3.9 km course that highlighted the victory of the runner Marta Ortego Luna getting to finish at 0:15:48 in the women's category. The second and third absolute position went to Youssef Ahatach Darboun with 0:12:08 and Moha Rida Younes (0:12:19) in the men's category.

Other athletes who were part of this race: Ángel Herrera Soto (0:14:11), Carlos Sánchez Sau (0:14:32), Joaquín Ivars Gauchi (0:14:47), Marta Ortego Luna (0:15: 48), Clara Gutiérrez De La Vega (0:17:16), Encarna Cardona Gómez (0:17:26), Martí Sifré Pont (0:17:39), José Francisco García Santacreu (0:17:39), Ibón Artabe Olea (0:18:10), Oscar Fornés Sendra (0:18:11), Teresa Sicilia Mulet (0:18:49), Bernardo Llinares Escrivá (0:18:49), Welcome From La Cruz Gamarra ( 0:18:45), Yolanda Gómez Gordillo (0:18:46) and Iolanda Sendra Pons (0:24:27).

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