Open letter from GD to councilor Maria Josep Ripoll: «The nova Dénia, demagoguery and the old way of making a General Plan»

21 June 2022 - 08: 36

Dear Mrs. Ripoll,

Following your party's doctrine in the face of any criticism, you label the political adversary with total frivolity, as someone outdated and despicable, without any foundation or reasoning. It is his way of pleasing his supporters, hence the demagoguery. They seize the absolute truth and the ideological space as the only ones capable of defending progress, tolerance, transparency and doing well. The others are all from the “old guard”, that is, retrograde looks.

We tell you from a political group in which all thoughts and tendencies fit. People from the left, from the right, from the center, nationalists or regionalists. And you would be surprised to know in which of them the greatest open-mindedness and tolerance are observed.

We don't know if we are “old”, but we are old and sensible enough to fulfill our obligation to “guard” over its management and especially over the misfortunes of the General Plan that have been cooked in its kitchen.

In 2015, before a general plan also agreed by you, it was left on the table, failing to fulfill its pre-election commitment to modify a few things, to end up throwing it away. A plan that also had minimal growth. That it did not lay waste to rural land with unjustified protections, leaving the owners of
all life without viability to maintain its properties in conditions. That it didn't have last-minute dark ratings like this one has.

Since then and until now, more than seven years have passed of complex processing, documentary tangle, urban patchwork, classification arbitrariness, obscurantism, and of course, presumed cumulative deficiencies that do not predict better times. The approval of the definitive plan that you are taking us to public exhibition violates the LOTUP, specifically article 54.8, because the DATE (Strategic Environmental and Territorial Declaration) was not published in the DOGV before this final version.

Furthermore, it is a provisional DATE and another complementary to the provisional one, this requires approval and not a condition for a plan that still does not have favorable sectoral reports, with the aggravating circumstance that they missed the opportunity to present new preliminary versions because of the expiration that they denied so many times, the expiration of the reference document. And today, what they expose to the public is a supposed final version, but that cannot be more than a new preliminary version for failing to comply with the mandatory publication of the DATE. We already warned you about all this in the plenary sessions of February and June 2022, but you continued with your roller, caring very little about the responsibility for such defects of form, and now once again, you insist on your mistake.

You are putting it "by egg" so that this Plan stays in court, because not even the Ministry dares to approve a definitive DATE or even to publish the provisional one.

So don't brag about having done a great job these seven years. No one doubts that it has worked, but it is not a plan agreed by everyone. It is a plan made from the arrogance of the absolute majority, without taking into account the opinions of others and plagued by procedural errors.

Gent of Dénia
Executive committee.

  1. Begoña says:

    Hello... I would like to transmit my case:
    I am a simple citizen of Denia who has arrived from Bilbao a year ago to live here and after a year of seeing Altea, Jávea or other municipalities I ask myself one question:
    Why Denia, which is a diamond in the rough, which could be the most beautiful municipality in the entire province of Alicante or rather one of the most beautiful... why is it so abandoned...? Why do I see graffiti on the back of the Church that overlooks the castle Why does the Castle, our great Emblem, turn off its lights at 3 in the morning or 2 when you shouldn't have to pay as Altea does with its beautiful Church in its beautiful Historic Center... Because our Castle is illuminated in such a way shabby and obsolete... not to mention the city lighting... that sad orange with so little lighting...
    We continue with the theme Algae??? But why do we have to put up with the citizens and in summer the nauseating smell they emit and see mountains of algae on our beautiful beaches...
    Gentlemen, I could go on talking and talking but I'm not going to. I just want to say to all the political groups that everything that is done is very good but that none of you does anything to make DENIA look prettier….the years continue to pass, according to people tell me and Denia continues the same…what It's a pity to hear these words… those of Bilbao will never hear it since we turned a city mired in industrial mire into one of the cities that has changed the most in the last 20 years and of which I feel proud.
    Denia is beautiful because in its nature it is… not because its Town Hall has made the city beautiful but because of its Gastronomic venues. Thanks to them Denia has flourished more.
    In short, here you only read my comment but I assure you that under these words the feeling lives latent, I would dare to say, of the majority of the people of Denia who do not say anything because they have lost confidence in their politicians for a long time .
    A greeting!

  2. fpl says:

    These gentlemen have read the PG?