Remembering the Dénia of the trains: 6 not very well-known photographs for the 50th anniversary of the disconnection with the north

February 10 from 2024 - 08: 00

On February 10, 1974, a train from the north arrived in Dénia for the last time. We already know the rest of the story. Half a century has passed since then. Five decades in which the mobilizations to recover the connection with La Safor and, therefore, the province of Valencia have been very present in the streets of the Marina Alta. Depending on the season, they are more or less frequent, but it is a demand that has thousands of supporters always on the lookout for an excuse to dust off their banners.

Also during these five decades there has been a constant promise to study, propose, seek investment, and a long etcetera of beautiful words written in electoral programs that none of them explain the intention of recovering the train that disappeared.

This 50th anniversary, the story of the road that was closed in Dénia once again makes all the headlines, as it has done throughout these decades (let me mention the piece published about it by the Lift-EMV this week, since it cannot be told better). Instead of adding an indistinguishable drop in the sea of ​​chronicles about the anniversary, we want to leave that space to six photographs recovered and secured in the Municipal Archive of Dénia that are a perfect reflection of the history of a city that coexisted with trains, all directions, without being aware that he would lose one of his connections and that the other would be left hanging by a thread.

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