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La Cuina de Pepa

Plaza Mariana Pineda, number 7 See map
636 923 127
670 979 775

Nowhere is eaten at home. That's why your house is also La Cuina de Pepa, the restaurant specializes in rice dishes and homemade dishes in the Plaza Mariana Pineda.

Terreta delicacies made with love, with love, to make you feel one more of his family.

Check out your letter and be amazed by La Cuina de Pepa, home cooking and Mediterranean to enjoy a daily menu or your celebrations.

Book your table or your closed for your celebrations and come see football games with a very special offer menu: Tanks 0,5 1,50 liters of beer €, it could be better?

La Cuina de Pepa. Which you like.


Plaza Mariana Pineda, number 7

  1. toni cheli says:

    good cooking

  2. The angel of destruction says:

    Good morning:
    What should you do to participate?
    A hug