Choose from the appetizing options that La Cuina de Pepa gives you

27 September 2019 - 14: 08

In the Plaza Mariana Pineda, a square with movement and good atmosphere, is La Cuina de Pepa, specialist in rice, fideuà and homemade dishes. You can talk to them about their different menus, close a special one for you and enjoy this bustling area, always lively and with people. Keep reading!

Caramelised foie tostas, broken eggs with Guijuelo ham, micuit duck foie, fried camembert with jam, Cantabrian anchovies, dried octopus, stewed octopus and red Dénia shrimp. Is reading this whetting your appetite? Well there is more. Do you have any celebration? Close a menu with them, don't worry and have fun.

Where to eat cous cous in Dénia

Every Saturday, in addition to the midday menu for 12'90 €, they have a cous cous menu for the same price. Enjoy this spicy and tasty dish, in the Cupa de Pepa They make it spectacular.

And in addition, they have a daily menu consisting of bread with all i oli, and three first dishes: La Cuina salad, assorted croquettes and grilled crayfish. And second, you can choose bnada rice, fideuà, sweet rice with crayfish and boletus. Also, enjoy dessert or coffee.

Call 636 923 127 or 670 979 775 and ask them what you need to know or reserve your table to have a great time. They are in Mariana Pineda, 7.

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