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Grimalt invites the Gabriela Bravo cosellera to visit the premises of the Local Police and learn about their summer work

August 13 from 2019 - 15: 19

The Minister of Justice, Interior and Public Administration, Gabriela Bravo, has taken advantage his official visit to the Dénia Justice Palace to approach the local police station, at the invitation of the mayor, and learn first-hand the facilities and the work of the agents.

Bravo has been accompanied at all times by Vicent Grimalt and the Councilor for Citizen Protection, Javier Scotto, while the Chief of the Local Police, José Martínez Espasa, has shown him the facilities and explaining the operation, especially in summer, where the population triples Also present during the visit were different members of the Government team, as well as Compromís spokesman Rafa Carrió and Gent de Dénia, Mario Vidal.

The Minister has been especially interested in the Artemis unit, dedicated to the fight against gender violence, and has also announced that from the Generalitat they are working on tools to help in the points where, as in Dénia, the population multiplies during The summer months

The weekend is settled with 26 complaints

Councilman Scotto has taken advantage of the visit to report the latest actions carried out by the Local Police this weekend. Aware that it is a time where the values ​​of coexistence are in danger, the action went to different parts of the city for leisure.

In it, 32 bottles of alcohol were seized from people who were making bottles in the street, 13 complaints of citizen coexistence were imposed, 8 for bottle, one for drugs, one for dirtying the public road, another for discomfort by the volume of music and 2 complaints for urinating in the street.

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