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Gesdenia gives you some tips to neighborhood problems

November 11 from 2016 - 10: 39

In Gesdenia are experts in managing and maintaining communities. That is why, who know the most common problems that can occur among some neighbors. Both issues of coexistence and conflicting opinions on some points that have to agree on the community. Among the most common problems include five most common:

1.Noises and pains. It is understandable that at certain times of the day there is more noise due to the influx of people on the stairs or simply living together. However, problems begin when, for example, there are animals that bother you at night, noise or raucous parties are held. Overall everything that prevents sleep normally bother.

2. In cases where you must reach agreement to rent a common area. In these cases it is best to vote for or against, because on one hand it is beneficial for the extra money you can count on the community but on the other hand can be annoying problems.

3.Bill Payment. A common situation that can generate confrontation, are unpaid. There are many families who can not cope with the costs of bills of the community, but there are other delinquent neighbors and others who do not want to pay them. In the latter case it is advisable to exercise caution if there was some kind of mistake or problem. Otherwise, we have no solution. Then, proceed to send a burofax or notice. If the problem persists, the debt must be paid throughout the community and then proceed to a trial and, ultimately, to start the foreclosure process.

4. Community improvements. One of the most common improvements of a community may be the installation of an elevator. To approve it must be voted by most owners. These works are currently required by law, and include the installation of ramps, elevators and other devices. Therefore if a vote for the installation of elevators there is any owner with disabilities or reduced mobility, the work will become mandatory regardless of the outcome of the vote of other owners.

5.Presidency. It could only refuse to preside over the community with a neighbor or live outside major causes.

The estate manager brings to the residents' safety as it is aware of the problems that often occur and solutions to fix them.

For more information please visit Gesdenia in Calle Marques de Campo, 37, 1º Apartment, Dénia.

Source: Farm Management College Valencia Castellon


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