Gesdenia has formed a team of dedicated management professionals, management and maintenance of urban properties whose work philosophy based on proximity and customer service addresses the needs we arise from the premise of quality management.

That is why, we understand that our company is separated from the traditional concept of property management as mere managers and offer, from the outset, a dynamic and immediate assistance, both pre-commissioning of the facilities and constitution performances the horizontal property regime, as the governing bodies of the Boards already established.

The formula work of this office is direct assistance, establishing continuous visits to the Residential for monitoring the proper implementation of contracted services and attention to the owner in date and time agreed with the Governing Board of the Community, regardless of immediate attention to urgent specific incidents that may occur. This is avoided as far as possible, the inconvenience of shifting our managed, maintaining direct and regular contact with them, analyzing and solving possible incidents in situ.


Calle Marques de Campo, 37, 1º Floor -

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  1. Carlos says:

    Very professional and very good treatment.

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