Controversy breaks out in Dénia due to a cut in Fallas and Moros y Cristianos: "We will not put a department at risk due to irregularities"

01 December 2023 - 12: 22

An earthquake shakes the festive entities of the Fallas y Moors and Christians from Dénia. The City Council has carried out a modification of the investment in these celebrations that has not sat well with part of the community. However, the government has been quick to defend its position, attributing the decision to greater forces, as they claim to be subject to a constant audit that closely monitors each expense.

"The measures are not popular, but they are necessary," said the Fiestas councilor, Raul Garcia de la Reina, in his appearance before the media with the mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, and the vice mayor, Rafa Carrió. There will be a cut in part of what is allocated to Moros y Cristianos and Fallas, but they assure that these are not improvised measures, but that they have been agreed upon with the Local Board Fallera and the FEMMICC so that they were "as least traumatic."

The most commented after the criticism published by the Party It is the refusal to continue financing the rental and installation of the tent used by the two festive associations for large dinners such as the Nit del Germanor, in the case of Las Fallas. According to the council, this tent represents 32.000 euros of actual expenditure for only two nights, which are not contemplated in the agreements of €130.000 with Fallas or €33.000 with Moros y Cristianos. Agreements that have benefited from an increase of between 5.000 and 7.000 euros, they say.

"We try to somehow optimize resources," said Grimalt. Furthermore, they claim to have their hands tied as they are subject to a constant audit that monitors the City Council's expenses with a magnifying glass, "and the first thing they ask for is the agreements." "They will not take me to court for these things," said the mayor, assuming that expenses outside the aforementioned agreements are pursued legally: "We are not going to put a department at risk for irregular things."

In fact, although the agreements already mentioned are established, the real investment in Fallas is exceeded by €100.000 and that of Moros y Cristianos by €50.000.

Another clash between Grimalt and Font

Vicent Grimalt has also responded to the criticism leveled by the main opposition force, the PP, which described these actions as "an attack" on the Fallas and the Moros y Cristianos by the Government team. According to the mayor, they have never turned their backs on any festive entity and have always collaborated in everything. He recalled that they did not hesitate to take charge of paying for events such as the farewell of the major falleras of the entire Valencian Community that Dénia hosted or the new FEMMICC procession When the Moors come to Saladar.

However, the popular leader, Pepa Font, sees it as insufficient and has demanded a rectification of a decision: "It seems shameful to me that they have the audacity to cut cultural and festive associations, with the excuse that there is no money, while they are not capable of making any effort to reduce their privileges.

Patch solution

Rafa Carrió, for his part, has been quick to remember that these investments only involve patches and that they have been working since the beginning of the legislature on the definitive solution, which is a permanent space so that it can be used by all associations. At the moment it is only a project for which they are looking for the ideal soil and which could be a reality in the coming years so as not to have to depend on tents.

Current expenses

A second change announced in Fallas and Moros y Cristianos is the legal requirement that municipal aid to cover various current expenses (sand for the 'plantà', ambulance service for the 'mascletaes', among others) be requested through some type of concurrence procedure.

"City councils, by law, are subject to regular external audits, in addition to internal ones, and all the technicians insist on this point: any entity must comply with the competition," explained the mayor. "Administrations cannot assume expenses of entities if it is not through an agreement or through the call for subsidies."

  1. Ignacio says:

    The department has to be closed and investigated precisely for these "irregularities." Look how they don't want to play "The Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs." That department is a black hole of public money.

  2. Tina says:

    Totally agree. If the parties were like before, everyone paying for their own things, there wouldn't be so much partying, nor so much EXCESS. The essence has been lost, no matter how much they want to make it up, it has nothing to do with what it once meant. What is now, doesn't make sense...

  3. Claudio says:

    It's a non-stop, these Falleras don't work? Every day they are walking around the street and blocking vehicular traffic everywhere they go, it's a lot of trouble already. They come at Fallas parties, but they come out any day, and each girl with her glass of beer, for me it is an excuse to get drunk at the expense, let them stay at home!!

  4. Juan says:

    Whoever wants to get drunk and party should pay for it out of their own pocket. SPOT.

    • PERE QUART says:

      It bothers them about...and Christians...if they were only Moors.
      This Mayor who raised his salary by 30% on the first day of obtaining an absolute majority and should resign.

  5. Luis says:

    They deserve to have their public subsidies taken away now. No more theft in the form of a party.