The Galleon Andalusia will dock in Dénia, a floating museum of 49 meters in length

February 18 from 2020 - 09: 39

The Marina and Resort Marina de Denia It will receive the Andalusian Galleon for the first time, managed by the Nao Victoria Foundation. The boat, which can be visited, will be docked from February 27 to March 1 in Marina de Dénia.

The Andalusian Galleon is the replica of an imposing Spanish galleon representative of our history and our culture. A ship used by the Spanish during the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries, in maritime discovery and commercial expeditions between Spain, America and the Philippines.

The boat is a floating museum that shows how the crew of that time lived. An opportunity for anyone who wants to get on board to know its history.

It should be noted that tradition and modernity come together in a space of more than 320 square meters of areas that can be visited along the galleon roofs. A ship of 500 tons of 49 meters of length and 10 of beam, which trees 4 sticks and almost a thousand square meters of velican surface with its 6 sails. Its average speed is 7 knots. Since his launch, with a crew of between 15 and 35 people, he has already sailed the great oceans and seas of the world.

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  1. Carlos says:

    And Andalusia arrived ... Completely impressive! A marvel of a historical machine that meant so much to Spain and humanity. I am not going to miss this opportunity and I will walk safely through its decks admiring it and imagining what the hard life would be like on board.

    I do regret the chosen docking point, so far from the town center and on a dock that hardly offers the possibility of admiring this ship from the outside: a dock restricted to passage surrounded in turn by other docks also restricted to passage. It would have been much more interesting to be able to contemplate it from the Paseo del Moll de Ribera. - I admit not knowing if the drafts allow it -

    Despite the small criticism, what a great initiative to bring this monumental reconstruction here! To whom it may concern: thank you.

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