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Creama makes an inventory of the Torrecremada garden species

November 15 from 2019 - 11: 56

Students who participate in the first edition of the basic qualification training program “Auxiliary activities in conservation and improvement of forests” that Creama Dénia carries out have begun to work on the inventory of the species that populate the Torrecremada garden.

The students, apart from the “Maintenance of gardens and green areas” module, which can give option to work in gardening, receive most of the training linked to environmental sustainability, with forestry and pest modules and restocking and infrastructure modules forestry

Within their training, students are learning to identify and classify the different tree species, native and exotic, that are part of the Torrecremada garden with the additional objective of contributing to the scientific culture of citizens, making available to the population a herbarium with specimens and information on the inventoried species.

This inventory is a useful tool that had not been carried out previously in the garden and has been an initiative that aims to make visible the diversity of species in our environment and invite citizens to recognize them. Likewise, this activity is included in a larger project that includes the placement of wooden labels that identify the most representative species of this space and help visitors to recognize them.

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