Glorieta clinic warns of the importance of protecting our skin in this August

August is the month of sun protection in clinical Glorieta. Due to an increase in people diagnosed with skin cancer, in clinical Glorieta Dedicate this month to make known the importance of taking care of the skin before the sun exposure.

The Costa Blanca hosts many European visitors who decide to spend their holidays enjoying the sun and the beach. However, most tourists are unaware of the great danger posed by the sun's UV rays.

Clear skin cancer is globally the most common type of cancer in the white population, whereas black skin cancer (malignant melanoma) is less well known, not perceived so quickly and not given so much importance. Among the most notable causes is the deterioration of the ozone layer, which is increasingly thinner and vulnerable to solar radiation and unprotected sunbathing.

Being tanned can be synonymous with a perfect vacation but we should not endanger our health for it.

En clinical Glorieta We recommend performing regular preventive check-ups because, diagnosed early, clear-skin cancer cures are relatively good. To avoid the risk of black skin cancer, it is necessary to regularly and intensively control suspicious spots on the skin.

Protect your skin from the sun! And let yourself be advised by specialists. For more information you can visit the clinic in Madrigueres Sud A-14, Hospital Saint Charles, Denia.

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