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Hospital San Carlos HLA Group offers its clients a consultation service to know the real waiting time in the ER. Just send "urgenciassc" to the 215757. "Because we value your time, we give you ours."

Hospital San Carlos HLA Group SL began its activity as Health Care and as a Medical Surgical Hospital in the second quarter of 1971. It is a Private Center in the Marina Alta that provides Hospital Medical-Surgical Assistance.

The clinic is located on the road from Dénia to Ondara 300 meters from the town of Dénia. Each of the two airports, Alicante and Valencia, are located about a hundred kilometers away. The radius of action is determined from Benidorm to Oliva-Gandía, and is growing thanks to the new Center for Javea.

Hospital San Carlos HLA Group It is an open establishment, so it works with hundreds of companies (national and foreign), as long as they are within the philosophy and purposes that the Clinics of our group have been presenting. Hospital San Carlos Grupo HLA in the Marina Alta offers multidisciplinary healthcare to all its patients.

It also offers comprehensive protection attention to the disease, as a result of own medical concept, providing a wide range of hospital services.

Our collective interest of private clients are not referred by insurance companies and policyholders of private insurance companies and mutual accident. Special attention deserve our internal customers, defined as those professionals who decide to use the diagnostic and clinical care resources with their patients.

Since 1981,Hospital San Carlos HLA Group It is developing clinical-health activities aimed at meeting the needs of our patients as far as health benefits are concerned.

Emergency consultations, diagnostic units, external medical consultations, surgery and hospitalization among others, are part of our experience, which makes us the most demanded Health Center Marina Alta.

The mission Hospital San Carlos HLA Group It is reflected in its quality policy centered on:

-Provide customers with an efficient health care can meet your needs and expectations.

To assume the commitment to meet customer requirements and legal and regulatory requirements.

constantly Improve the effectiveness of the quality management.

All equipment that makes up the Hospital San Carlos HLA Group we thank you for your trust and interest in our Center.

In addition, Hospital San Carlos Grupo HLA has a clinic in Jávea that opened its doors in the summer of 2014 offering its health care services.

Hospital San Carlos Grupo HLA de Jávea has a reception room where patients can wait until they are called. It also has a nursing consultation and four more consultations in which the fourteen specialties that the center has for all Javienses and for the entire population of the surrounding towns are distributed.


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  1. helen hall says:

    I need spinal fusion and lumber decompression L3 L5 surgery, do you have a specialist regarding this operation. If you do can you please let me know what experience he has and how many times a year that he has performed this type of operation. I have been told that it is important that I should have the answers to these questions. If i am satisfied with the answers i will make an appointment. Thank you.
    Regards Mrs HELEN HALL.

  2. Estelle Paisley says:

    My son was really not well when we got to the ER. They told me it would be over an hour to wait. For the amount of money I pay a month, why can't they just hire more doctors? It was totally unacceptable and a horrible experience.
    My son was really not well when we came to emergencies. I was told it would be over an hour wait. For the amount of money I pay a month why they can't just employ more doctors. It was totally unacceptable & an awful experience

  3. U.Geiger says:

    DAVE!!! VORSICHT!! Absolute Catastrophe!!!! Finger weg und so schnell als möglich nach Hause oder in ein anderes Klinikum. Dieses ‚Haus' hat mit einem Krankenhaus NICHTS gemein! Nach 3 tägigem Aufenthalt dort und anschließender Not OP in einem Schweizer Universitätsklinikum, die nur knapp am Rollstuhl vorbei ging aber mit einer Lähmung endete, können wir nur jedem raten, sofort die Flucht zu ergreifen. Selbstverständlich sind alle Aussagen an Eides Statt beweisbar und rechtskräftig! Rechtliche Schritte sind eingeleitet.

  4. Christine Cleminson says:

    Does the HLA group have a neurologist in the clinic at Denia or Alicante.

    • San Carlos Hospital says:

      Good afternoon, yes, at the Denia clinic we have a neurologist, Dr. Juan Salas.
      Thank you. greeting

    • xy zett says:

      Als wir dort waren und dringendst einen benötigten war KEINER Vorort….trotz DREI Tage stationärem Aufenthalt….. dann sind wir 15 Stunden nach Hause gefahren. Zum Gluck!!!!

  5. Maria Soledad says:

    In order to present them to the contracted Insurer, I need to request Medical Reports of 2 care carried out in that Center some time ago. I would be grateful if you could inform me what I should do, if there is an email to send the information I have (dates, number of Invoices). Thanks for the attention.

  6. M'EULALIA says:

    Hello, good morning, I try to contact you by phone and it is impossible, now I have written an email to hospital.santcarlos@grupohla.com, since I need a certificate that I was with my husband here, but there is no way to contact, I hope the email is correct, if not please tell me what I have to do, thank you very much


  7. Hope says:

    Do you have any references of the new cynical psychiatrist?

    Thank you, greetings.

    • Otto Diaz says:

      Good morning, Esperanza, we advise you to make an appointment with the psychiatrist at 965 781550.
      Kind regards.

  8. Astrid wijnans says:

    Ik probeer een afspraak bij of afdeling fysiotherapie te annuleren. Ik heb 2 nrs gebeld. De dame is niet behulpzaam in wil zeker niet helpen: 902300124 op mijn laatste factuur staat geen telefoon nummer. I want to cancel the appointment at twelve (12.00) I am not feeling well I have a little flu. Astrid wijnans

  9. Maria says:

    I have been calling on the phone for about a month to request an appointment with Dr. Terencio has not yet opened the agenda for the year 2020, please beg to open that agenda and thus be able to make the appointment and not have to be calling all the weeks, because I already have 6 calls. Thank you.

  10. Jasmine says:

    Hello a question if for example I have arrhythmia (Bradycardia), can you enter the clinic or not? How long does the treatment last? The next day can you go to the institute?

  11. Josefa Font alberola says:

    When can it be seen after presbyopia operation? When does it take?

  12. Mariano José Armero says:

    For me always both me and my daughter and previous partner. They have treated us phenomenally ... very professional and humane treatment ... !! And he waits for her in minimal emergencies .. I am eternally grateful to them… !!

  13. John Creek says:

    Please advise email address for Dr. Cardenas at San Carlos

  14. Vanessa says:

    To my great clinical my children were born there and all emergency treatment operations reviews for all staff truly a 10 San Carlos

  15. Ralph Snijders says:

    Services at this clinic are at the level of his reputation, that is very good. The only problem I have now is the attitude of people management. They know a single word: money. Instead of the heart have a safe! Never speak to you with empathy, never want to know how this sick person, if you suffer a lot. No, the only issue is money. Is there a man who behaves like an agent of the civil guard, all the opposite of a person who would think that working in a clinic and not in the army. He speaks without an inacceptable way we think customers and patients pay a portion of their salary!

  16. mª Luisa says:

    I have operated 5 times in the clinic San Carlos and my husband has been entered 4 times, 3 emergency, we have responded quickly with all the attention both nurses and doctors. The kitchen is very good for a hospital and we have not paid anything extra. They are quick to preoperative testing and revisions. We have never had any fault, the river against all have been taken care of.

  17. Andrew says:

    Like Paul, I praise the attention and service provided at the Policlinico San Carlos, but I also feel obliged to report that I have been admitted with my trajeta insurance and I spent three days there without me informed of that insurance is not to bear the costs and separate charge me by an uncompromising and rude lawyer who always showing very little respect for the other party intends to collect an amount of money that is not justified by any invoice, which for informational purposes os to expose what you have in mind if you plan to make use of the services of this place.

  18. Pablo says:

    , Clinic San Carlos, is a good person, nursing, cooking, medical, room, doctors spend time and each day a different opinion be heard, which makes pensa what the specialist subject as it should have in a clinic, if you are not careful will not have it, and the bill is not the issue, but if a charge by phone, direct or by mail, but no invoice, then a lawyer who does not listen and if required payment, many do fear and They do not require paying the bill and not knowing if it really is what justo.No give complaint forms, and have two clinics in the same nursing staff. We can expect business or professional ethics?