Utor (Baleària) among the great Spanish fortunes

November 06 from 2019 - 09: 48

That Dénia's shipping company, Baleària, is on the rise in recent years is a fact. That, therefore, the pocket of its president is getting bigger too. So much so that the name of Adolfo Utor The list of the great Spanish fortunes published by the prestigious Forbes magazine has been cast.

Again, the table is headed by the founder of Inditex, Amancio Ortega, with his 63.000 million euros. But this time, among the names a businessman closely linked to Dénia sneaks in. "Not only sneaks into the prestigious list, but it becomes the only Alicante who enters the ranking", announces Forbes. Adolfo Utor appears for the first time, with its 300 million euros, in this annual ranking of the richest in Spain. Of course, in a "humble" 88 position in this club of colossal wallets.

Far is still the dreamed TOP 5, in which another Valencian, the owner of Mercadona, Juan Roig, remains, although 2 placed below the last year. But, without a doubt, he will not feel helpless in it, because his wife, Hortensia Herrero, is close by, occupying the 12 position as Mercadona's second largest shareholder, and his brother, Fernando Roig, in the 31 position with an 9% of the Mercadona shares, with the majority of the Villareal football club and owner of the Pamesa tile factory.

  1. Sailor says:

    It is always admirable for a person to do himself and reach his professional success but it should be linked to ethics, morals, justice and generosity, something that the company policy used by this man shines by his absence. Miserable salaries, we talk about net 800e for a sailor, Filipino, Ukrainian, Ecuadorian workforce etc. Workers from different departments, from land people, offices with ridiculous salaries, work days of 12, 15, 18 hours, without labor agreement to follow, (without defense of unions), charging the extra hour to 6e net, you charge the same on a Monday to work Saturday and Sunday even if it is the 12 of the night and thus an endless number of irregularities. You have to be honest in life, and if you have a team that makes your success increase, you should take care of that group of people who sacrifice their health, personal, physical life to get the job done in conditions that are not gratifying.

    • The one who sees everything says:

      As it is, I would even add the adjective RUÍN to such a blacksmith, if gentlemen the ejaculation is rising, crouched in flags of convenience, in eco-European grants that we all bear and are a hoax, abusing the defenselessness of their workers by dividing their company in small companies by boat, to avoid responsibilities, they fill their mouths with the Spanish brand, the Balearic brand, the Denia brand, but they locate their boats in Malta and Cyprus, they employ retired captains in Spain (charging their pension, which we pay all) and ship them in the Maltese flag thus supplementing their salary, always lower than what they would charge under our social security system and above all without quoting, that is what I call solidarity (ours with said entrepreneur and his greedy and negligent captains) and while the Adolfo guy walking in his tacky green porsche like a bush of melons with cross-stitched curtains.

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