A couple in Alicante denounces the theft of their belongings inside their vehicle parked in Dénia

Let's get in situation. For work reasons, no We have a great vacation. But, when we can, we escape to a nearby place where we feel comfortable. When we are there, relaxed on the beach, we are surprised that they have opened our car with a lever and they have taken everything inside: clothes, medication, shoes ... nothing of great value, but all of us.

That feeling is with which a couple from Alicante who chose Dénia to rest during the San Juan Bridge has returned home. This Monday, while enjoying the beach of Punta del Raset, they suffered a robbery in their vehicle, parked in a busy parking lot near the beach.

The victims explain that «We filed the complaint and we returned home: helpless, sad and with a feeling of suffocation and anger to think that the next day our things would be selling at a market or thrown in a container».

In addition to the official complaint, they claim, with their complaint to the media «Serve so that we are all more distrustful and think that there is always someone watching what we do and that he lives by stealing, that we should not leave anything in the trunk of the car, that if they want, we can all be robbed and everyone touches us sometime".

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