Triumph of Pere Roc II and Héctor in the final of the Alicante Provincial Trophy of scale and corda

August 26 from 2019 - 13: 25

El Trinquet The Rovellet de Dénia was the venue for the final of the Alicante Diputación Trophy of scale and corda. A final that did not disappoint the good number of fans who followed the game live. The final score was from 60 to 55 for the duo formed by Pere Roc II and Héctor, who won the pair of Genovés II and Santi.

After the delivery of the details to the finalist couples, a final that promised a lot of excitement and play was released. The four players with their actions made sure that no one left the Dianense trinquet disappointed.

The pace of the game, from the beginning, was imposed by the couple led by the individual winner, Genovés II. In fact, they took an advantage of two games (25-15). His rivals did not find a way to stop that rhythm and, despite adding two straight games, the advantage went to 45 to 25.
The reaction was swift, Héctor de Laguar began to raise his level of play, with a great punch and always making the best decisions. Pere Roc joined the festival of his partner getting tie the game to 45.

The following quinces and games were decided in small details. The quality of the two formations was present in Dénia. When it seemed that everything was already decided with an 55-50 for the Escaleter de la Costera and with a starting ball, they failed to close the game, having to go to the rest, where they suffered the rush of the pilotari of Benidorm, Pere Roc, with his serve.

The emotion presided over the last points where the couple dressed in blue managed to add the final game to win the final before proclaiming champions of the Alicante Provincial Trophy of Escala i Corda.

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