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Six masked men assault a Dénia house early in the morning and threaten the young family with shotguns

13 December 2019 - 08: 31

During the early hours of Wednesday through Thursday, six masked men assaulted the house of a young couple, who lives with their daughter of 1 month, to steal their belongings while they slept inside. In the middle of the night, according to the Levante-EMV, the lights of the cell phone lanterns woke up the woman, who thought it could be her mother who lives nearby, but immediately realized that six men with white masks, armed with shotguns and sticks, they were in the bedroom.

The marriage, of 30 and 32 years, lives at the entrance of Dénia with her newborn daughter. They say that they cannot erase the image of these men with the white masks that, the first thing they did when they discovered they were awake, was to manipulate them with bridles. The man also received several kicks in the back, chest and head, but he just hoped they would go fast so they wouldn't hurt his family.

Apparently, the thieves would have entered through the garden door to the house, which is located at the first roundabout at the entrance of Dénia, forcing it with a kickstand. Outside they were waiting for a van stolen in l'Alfàs del Pi, but their main objective, according to the facts, was an Audi rancher who owned the marriage.

They were also forced to open the safe and searched the rooms, taking jewelry and other valuables. They even tried to access the shop attached to the house, a tobacconist, through an fruitless butrón.

After the escape of the thieves, they managed to get rid of their ties and call the National Police, which came so quickly that it crossed with those who were in the van, leaving it to flee to the race between the orange groves. The body has opened an investigation to find this band.

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