Raquel Payà


Special education school Raquel Payà opened in the year 1986 to provide educational and rehabilitation response to children with special educational needs. Raquel Payà school was conceived initially for five classrooms.


Currently has eleven classrooms and 75 students 3 to 21 years are served by a master of therapeutic pedagogy and teacher in every classroom, plus three specialists in speech therapy three physiotherapists, a professor of physical education, one music a psychologist and teacher training adapted for over 16 years, with multipurpose learning tasks such as sewing, marquetry, pottery or modeling.

Raquel school class Payà

Since its opening, the physiognomy of the school has changed substantially with the addition of new rooms as a teaching kitchen, a swimming pool in which to perform hydrotherapy or school garden.

Classes teachings

In the center Raquel Payà to students from 3 to 21 years which are divided into four different levels they are schooled:

Level I: STIMULATION I COMMUNICATION - Special children's education stage

Where stimulation, sphincter control, autonomy in power, and communication is enhanced.

Raquel school Payà

Level II: INITIATION - Special primary education stage

Initiation of primarily instrumental learning and habits of autonomy in personal hygiene, relational autonomy, etc.

Level III: DEVELOPMENT - Special secondary education stage

Where progress both in school basic skills such as functional learning habits related to personal and social autonomy.

Level IV: DEPOSIT - Transition Stage to Adult Life

Where all the objectives related to the transition to adult life and socio-employment of students are enhanced.

Phone and address

Raquel Payà School is located at Av. Campo Torres, 74 de Dénia. To contact them you can call 966428880 from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13 and from 15 to 17 hours.



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