What will become of the hundred workers that the Red Cross had on the beaches of Dénia?

24 2022 April - 01: 05

It is now practically a fact that the Red Cross will not be in charge of the surveillance and relief service in the beaches of Dénia during the next seasons. As this newspaper advanced, the NGO has decided not to submit to the tender due to disagreements with the specifications and not being able to assume providing this service "at a loss," insisted the president of the Dianense assembly, Eduardo de la Morena. The only possibility left to see the Red Cross waving on the coast again was that no one would show up for the tender and reconsider the specifications. But it has not been like that, because a company has been presented, as confirmed by the City Council.

Traditionally, Dénia's summers filled the beaches with young students who saw lifeguarding as a good way to earn income during the holidays while combining it with their studies. Over decades, hundreds of Dianenses have participated in Red Cross relief campaigns and, for the second time in recent years, now the NGO will not be responsible for providing it, which can generate a great unknown: what is to be one of the lifeguards already hired by the Dénia Red Cross?

In 2016 it was the first time that the NGO was left without the beaches, which generated a great conflict between the interests of the winning company, Eulen, and veteran workers from previous seasons. Eulen did not want to take on the hiring of the squad nor inherit their conditions and contracts. At that time, the subrogation of these contracts was not contemplated in the specifications, so the company resisted carrying out this action.

This caused the Dénia City Council to take legal action which, finally, led to this subrogation of the entire workforce. Once the mistake was learned, it was decided to include in the specifications the obligation to subrogate contracts when the company changed to prevent young people from losing their jobs from one season to the next.

This clause, which may seem less important than it is, is maintained in the current specification, which ensures the work in the coming summers of the hundred lifeguards and other employees that the Red Cross had on the beaches of Dénia. Even if they have to change their uniform, they will still be able to carry out their work.

  1. George says:

    The town hall tenders are for private companies to present themselves and offer a service that the town hall pays for but does not execute itself. Anyone who meets the requirements of the specifications can apply. If the Red Cross has considered not appearing so as not to concur in losses, but Eulen has done so, it is because each company offers its services at the prices it deems convenient. And although the Red Cross is not a private company as such, it works like one.
    And the private companies carry out many services of the municipalities: the surveillance of the beaches, the garbage collection, the water supply, the cleaning of the streets, etc.

    • Ignacio says:

      Yes, yes…and in an ideal world, the companies that present themselves offer the best service at the best price, but in reality, those that present themselves are usually “trusted acquaintances” with whom they can play tricks with public money by offering a minimum service. and deficient. Eulen has experience in that.

      • George says:

        I'm not telling you no. And when only one company has been presented, it indicates that a very fair statement has been made.
        But according to some comments, many people think that the services offered by public administrations are provided by public entities. But this is not so. The vast majority are private companies and offer good service.
        In fact, the same specifications express what will happen if a good service is not offered.
        I invite you to go to the page contrataciondelestado.es and check the immense number of public tenders that are made. Without going any further, so far in April, Denia has offered 8 tenders of various kinds.

        • Ignacio says:

          What people think is sometimes better not to know. Look below the one that states that "a private company has taken away our beaches"... tremendous. On the other hand, the dynamics of clientelism and “for the sake of it” are usually the order of the day with the “usual” companies that public institutions “trust”. See Eulen's CV. It's their way to get rich that's why they're there. It's called Institutional Corruption and it's in everything they do.

  2. Paschal says:

    Red Cross is a mafia at the expense of volunteers profiting outside

    • Malefactor says:

      You see, here all the staunch defenders of the Red Cross, as you can see they have never worked inside….
      The Red Cross is the worst, exploiters pay the minimum, when they feed on all kinds of subsidies and everything they can afford with volunteers, because they get it out cleanly... removing jobs, and apart from charging very expensive services (As if they paid good to its workers here is the irony)

      Come alive Red Cross! 😂😂😂😂👎

    • Ignacio says:

      That is the problem that everything is a mafia. City Hall, Red Cross and Eulen. I am sure that if a small and honest company made up of lifeguards presented itself, they would not accept it because it is not from the mafia union. And like this in everything, they bid to share the money later among themselves, offering a service with minimum requirements.

  3. kiara says:

    The only company that has come forward is eulen and let's not forget what happened with eulen a few years ago, the coordinator recording himself while driving, fatal management of the beaches and what happened that they had to terminate the contract and call the red cross urgently in the middle of the summer to take care of them how many sooner DO WE WANT THAT????? we already know that private companies are not trustworthy and we already had the example

    • Ignacio says:

      Well, even though they know it, they come back to Eulen again… There are private companies that can be trusted. You just have to look at how they work and their reports. But those will never have access to public tenders because they will refuse to pay commissions or make false invoices or any other type of scam etc. Do you understand? Note that in all cases of corruption they put only corrupt businessmen in jail but not politicians and public servants who have profited from them. For example Francisco Correa in the «Gürtel».

  4. kiara says:

    EULEN!!!!! OUUUT

  5. so and so says:

    Will they keep the job but will they keep the salary and conditions?
    I doubt it… we all know how these companies work

    • sebas says:

      Conditions I doubt but the salary should be the same I understand, otherwise I know that many lifeguards that I know will not be here and that will be a problem `because there will be no lifeguards, and who will occupy our beaches????? let people drown??? and more this year after the COVID is more or less controlled, all the tourism that there will be cannot allow it, they must talk to the Red Cross and negotiate

      • Luis says:

        The salary is by agreement and contracts for work and service. Do not? This type of contract has an estimated time, the one that lasts the season, period. That is not an indefinite period, how can it be maintained from one year to the next?

  6. Juan says:

    Well, at least the lifeguards are the ones who were there before and they already know how the beaches are around here and they don't lose their jobs….. But it's a shame that they allow a private company to take our beaches, I wish they didn't give the required specifications and the red cross was reconsidered being on beaches

  7. Ignacio says:

    With this article, are they trying to justify something in particular? Because more than an explanation it sounds like a justification riddled with contradictions.

    • Juan says:

      Well, at least the lifeguards are the ones who were there before and they already know how the beaches are around here and they don't lose their jobs….. But it's a shame that they allow a private company to take our beaches, I wish they didn't give the required specifications and the red cross was reconsidered being on beaches

      • Ignacio says:

        Has the company stayed the beaches? Let's see if we understand the concepts. Statements like this don't help at all.