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Portal de la Marina, pioneer in the incorporation of 3D holograms in its facilities

06 March 2018 - 17: 41

The mall Portal de la Marina will be one of the pioneers in the incorporation of the latest technology in advertising: 3D holograms.

A Hologram is an LED-based technology that allows video and images to appear floating in the air with an 3D effect. Thanks to this innovation, companies will achieve a greater impact of their messages and will allow them to obtain a higher return on investment in advertising.

Gentalia, the company in charge of the management of the shopping center, incorporates this novelty thanks to Publigrama, the first advertising company that uses this technology.

For Elena Mérida, director of Specialty Leasing of Gentalia, "It is an excellent framework agreement that brings, a great value and differentiation to our constant strategy of advertising innovation in our shopping centers. Absolutely, it is a great qualitative leap to impact and excite our customers, creating user experiences that increase the memory of brand".

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