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Pepe Carpi leaves the CD Dénia after 19 seasons

20 July 2019 - 00: 34

The revolution in the CD Dénia for the next campaign is total, to the point that one of the pillars that held the weak structure of the club, Pepe Carpi, is another one that leaves the entity to go to provide their services to the team from his hometown, the CE El Verger CF.

The decision for Carpi has not been easy as he recognizes through social networks, where he has said goodbye to all the fans with these words: "Tell you that the decision has cost me what you can not imagine, but I have not completely dissociated from the club, as I will support everything. I would like everyone to think the same and support us to the fullest. Amunt Dénia, see you in the Diego Mena field ".

A decision that comes motivated by fatigue and especially the wear that Pepe Carpi has had during the last two seasons. The lack of control within the entity forced him to make some decisions that did not correspond, always for the good of the club. Seeming immersed in internal wars did not like it too much and all this and especially the lack of an exciting project for the future is what has led him to say enough.

His work during the seasons 19 has been impeccable, with slight errors as every human person we have, but always to defend his club, the CD Dénia. He has lived experiences to write not a book, but a few, surely they would sell easily. Carpi is the story of the 21st century of the groguet team.

He has had very happy moments like his first promotion to the Third Division in his first season on CD Dénia, with Franco Borrás on the bench. Later he lived very hard afternoons like Orihuela where he ended up in the police station. Immense joy after climbing to Second Division B with Pepe Aroca as a coach. The night at the Sánchez Pizjuan where the CD Dénia grazed the glory. The journey through the Second Division B, where he played as the father and mother of young players who came to the club. The surrealist period of the Mexican investor and the sad administrative fall to the Third Division. The return to Preferential where in the beginning the project excited him since it was viable to return to the national soccer with people of the house.

But the last two years have been very hard despite the promotion promotion has been played. For a person who always goes face to face, it is expensive to live in a world full of lies and falsehoods. All this hurts any human being and Pepe Carpi is first of all a person who has had to put up with too many things in his last stretch in the club.

He goes in the most elegant way, without hardly making noise and above all respecting the institution in which he has been a large part of his life. His hole will be difficult to fill, his behavior with everyone has been exemplary, he has never had a "no" for nobody and now for sure that his work in the CE El Verger CF will soon pay off. Time to time.

Hopefully, as you said, it is not a goodbye but a see you later. Carpi, CD Dénia needs you and you know it. Load soon the batteries that still have great days of football to live with a hobby that can never thank you for all you have given the Dénia of your loves. Good luck in your new stage in the team of your town.

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