Smoke slopes of the waste plant by the wind

November 13 from 2019 - 10: 23

The smoke returns to fly over Dénia and La Xara, again coming from the composting plant located next to the CV-725 that has been burning since Sunday night. The tons of seaweed and pruning remains that are stacked there in huge mountains have already caused other fires by natural combustion. And the motive is the same again.

As on previous occasions, the firefighters of the park that is a few meters away are working all week to extinguish a controlled fire, but it will last days for what they have declared. And the predictions were not badly routed, because even today, Wednesday, the smoke column continues to be visible from different points of the surroundings, as striking as the first day.

Luckily, the wind has helped all the smoke generated by the fire to move away from that busy route of the AP-7 exit. However, this one could change over the next few hours as warned by the AEMET, so precautions should be taken.

  1. Paco says:

    The same thing happens every year, is it the only way you know for “waste management”? Accumulate them in the open air and put them on fire. Does the Environment have something to say or are they silent about it?

    • Francisco Villalba Ivars says:

      If the harde composting plant is because the decomposition of organic materials produces gas and instead of taking advantage of that gas to produce free electricity for the community, it allows itself to be consumed and lost. The real ecology is in that take advantage of waste

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