Popular Opinions Dénia: "Roller, roller and roller"

31 October 2019 - 20: 59

To everything presented by the Popular Party, the government team votes no.

They talk about electoralism and that we don't have a central government (Of course we don't have a central government because of Mr. Sánchez!)

We present a motion to request that the Manises of Maritime Rescue base not be transferred to Mallorca to safeguard the lives of our neighbors and vote no to the urgency claiming that "we create social alarm" Social alarm a news that has come out in almost all the media? And why do they vote against? Because they present another practically the same as ours. Curious and surprising. But, as we think that the lives of our neighbors may be at stake, the PP vote in favor of that motion.

We present a motion of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in which we express several claims made by those affected and vote no to the emergency saying that “it is an issue that must be resolved in Madrid, and that, in total, as already they have waited for 15 years can wait a little longer. Unfortunate ... Motion denied.

Is this really the way to make social policy? Our grandmothers used to tell us that "quan més sucre més dolç" and we believe that the more support these associations have, the better.

They talk about transparency, about dialogue, that they are going to call the councilors to the meetings that are going to take place in this one, as in many other topics, but it is not true. We are not given information about anything and we are not called to any kind of meeting to which we can contribute a grain of sand.

And we just started the legislature ...

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