Opinion Mario Vidal (Gent of Dénia): «Hide documentation?»

That has been the general tone of the Department of Urban Planning and Territory.

Remember that since the 1 minute of creating the Consell d'urbanisme for the elaboration of the PGE, they already come with "preconceived ideas", elaborated and allow little room for maneuver and suggestions, this is followed by the Calls of these Consells, which had been stipulated each 3 months and took 11 months in the call, and all receiving information and sector reports from both the Consellería as of other Organizations, reports that did not appear in the public light, at least on the dates when they were issued.

That's why it's no wonder that this document has been "Hidden", more on the dates they were and more when the supreme interest is that "NO CONSTRUCTION" except that which, in his / her

Now we are approaching the month of August of 2019, the date on which the Environmental Phase ends and then ... What?

Already appear statements from the government team in the sense that "the priority for Denia is not a PGE", showing little interest and removing iron to the matter, because no, this is serious, a PGE regulates, as has been said on several occasions " the economy and society of the city, uses, activities, green areas, streets, schools etc ..., is not so light, it is much more important than we want to believe.

We demand that they give clear, clear, explanatory answers to all the facts, what is going to happen if the environmental phase ends and how it is going to proceed, the costs to the city and that is really a clear, transparent management to the citizen with indications of why it was not answered in form and date and that give explanations of why they hide and with what purpose.

For all this, we demand the convocation of an Urgent Urbanisme Council, providing documentation, answers, control and transparency of the Denia PGE process.

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