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Moors and Christians say goodbye to the streets of Dénia until summer

February 29 from 2020 - 14: 50

This midday the last official entrace of the Mig Any of Moors and Christians, where each filà has paraded through the city center as a warm-up for the battle that will take place next August.

In front of thousands of witnesses, many more than in the one held last weekend, and under a kind sun that has raised temperatures, the parades have marched through Marquis de Campo to the port. However, this afternoon at 19:10 they will walk again through the heart of Dénia with those who want to try and impregnate what is the festival of Moors and Dianense Christians, which this year chooses to become a Festival of Tourist Interest Autonomic It will be an informal entraeta that will already put the final end of this Mig Any.

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